Shriners baseball classic to be televised on MLB

While the clowns are trying to work out the baseball lockout the MLB will start showing some college baseball games.

Tennessee LSU and UCLA square off with Oklahoma Baylor and Texas.
Friday schedule is UCLA and Baylor at 1100
LSU and Oklahoma at 3:00
Tennessee and Texas in The showdown at 7:00 Tennessee average 15 runs a game we’ll see what they do against Texas who swept Alabama last week and gave up one run all weekend.

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Great find and thanks for bringing the info.
I believe this weekend will expose the Vols offensive barrage (GA Southern & Iona) as built on near non-existent pitching. Horns will do better than that, although I will be pulling for SEC teams here.

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Tennessee’s got a great team but you’re right they have played probably the weakest schedule in the country. Texas as bad as I hate to say it is very solid. The three guys they run out here on the weekends are nasty but they really haven’t faced a great offensive team yet either so it’ll be interesting to watch.

I’m not a Texas fan hit I like to see good games. We will all need something to watch.

I watched Tennessee-Texas last night. The Longhorns won 7-2. It was 1-1 in the sixth, then Texas teed off against a Tennessee reliever. Texas looks really good. They have a lot of multi-year starters.

Yeah Texas has got awesome pitching and looks like they’re offenses catching up to their pitching they’re going to be tough to handle

Texas beat LSU 6-1 last night. I caught a little bit of it, but not as much as I did of Tennessee and Texas the night before.

The announced crowd in Houston last night was over 24,000.

I watch the game, the Texas picture probably didn’t throw more than 91 but everything he threw was at the knees and on the corners, gave them nothing they could elevate. Same way for the little left hand that came in at the end with the exception of three or four pictures everything he threw was right at the knees
Pinpoint control for both of those guys and every one of them I’ve seen so far pitch for Texas

I tried to watch, but it was blacked out on YouTube TV.

Oh I hate that,it was some good baseball and got to chance to scout LSU and Tenn if we play them…Hopefully we are in Arlington or Houston next yr.

Arkansas will be in Arlington the next two seasons.

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It was blacked out for me on MLB Network, too, but that helped me discover I have AT&T SportsNet.

I knew DVH had said he would love to play in Arlington every year so it will be good for us to get some indoor competition the next two years.

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