"Show Me" Bourbon and the Ozark Battle for Shoes

Well it’s that time of year

The SEC has told us
Who our end of season prom date shall always be,
having switched us from pick of the litter to just . well… to dour wall flower
making this Razorback bitter

But I digress

So for our wrestle in Missouri’s Bug Tussle?

With ALL the Nation Breathless Awaits

to watch, and see Just WHO will win that “Hoot of a Boot”

With Expectations Running large

Just as the SEC had mandated

I think for the early breakfast brawl

I recommend Coffee or Hot Chocolate

Now when this most friendly of rivialys is over

I recommend “Weller” slightly chilled from the seller - not warmed over

Its good ole drink’en and has quality - just like the game - Still -often over looked

Its the best Bourbon - in a screw top bottle -

Its sort of immature vintage Bourbon

Afrter all, its from Weller that “Pappy starts out”

Weller is not as aged or refined as World famous Pappy
so it fits this game for this season - immature just not as refined by age

As we look to days when Arkansas end of season game is not breakfast wakeup
but the center of evening fine dinning
when Bourbon is served for a fine football feast

So for now - Weller - Its Sort of fitting for this Arkansas vs Mizzou dour flower

So have a sip of Bourbon with a smooth Wheatley finnish - fine drinking after breakfast this evening as you dream of next season


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I already told my Weller story from this summer. Gage and I stayed in the Antlers Inn in Walden, CO, for about six nights. There was a liquor store next to us. We had good service in the bar downstairs – where we ate our meals all by ourselves. The bar was closed but the owner of the restaurant invited us to eat there because we’d been nice to his staff.

Anyway, they didn’t have Weller at the bar. Gage went into the liquor store to see if we could find something for our evenings on their deck after the restaurant closed. Sure enough there was a bottle of Weller on the shelf, marked down to $36 (I think). He bought it and asked the store clerk if there were any more bottles at that price. She laughed and said, “Yes, I have three more in the back. The distributor makes me take one with every delivery batch and I can’t sell them here. You can have them all at that price. Get them out of here. I’ll never sell them in this cow town.”

The clerk was the owner and she knew what she had in Weller but also knew they weren’t going to sell in Walden.


Did you like it Clay?

Hummm “Not selling in Waldron”

Sort of like this so called Rivalry isn’t selling on either side on the boarder or nation

I just finished a bottle…and no it wasn’t like Bluto in “Animal House” and that bottle of Jack!

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What did you think of it?

Walden, Colorado is in north central Colorado almost on the Wyoming border. It is remote area. It is what is called the North Park area of Colorado, high desert. Waldron, AR, might have Weller, but I doubt it. Weller was OK, but I’m not really much of a drinker so I probably don’t appreciate what it might be to someone else – like Gage. I am playing along with you.


So glad your playing along - you are gracious

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