Show Cause Self suspended

For a whole four games, as KU tries to mitigate its NCAA case. One of the games he’ll miss is Duke. An assistant is suspended as well.

Paywall, but that’s about all it says.

Kansas self-imposes 4-game suspension for Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend to begin season: Source - The Athletic

ESPN reports KU has self-imposed other penalties, including scholarship reductions (three over the next three years), reduced official visits, no recruiting travel for Self and Townsend over the summer, and no recruits at their midnight madness event this year.

If that is all they get (even with the “Self” imposed penalties) add me to the list of those saying “we should cheat.”


“Self” imposed……a fools gold solution

They should have to vacate the Natty. Then we are getting somewhere!


I’ve felt all along it would be minor penalty and he gets to stay. Pretty sad state of affairs if this is all he gets. Stay tuned.

That’s not even touching his wrist much less a slap on it.
Plus under his new contract signed in 2021 there is a clause that he cannot be fired for cause from any infractions or misdeeds accrued prior to signing it.

Now The Athletic is reporting that Louisville is getting a wrist slap from the IARP and Slick Rick isn’t getting touched.

The ncaa is doing away with the IARP since it’s mostly legal now to do the things they are still investigating from years past.

Yep, plus the IARP was supposed to speed things up. It has done anything but.

Well the gutless NCAA hasn’t had any muscle in a long time. These self imposed penalties are a joke. The IARP is slower than the NCAA. Forget it all Self is a slime ball.

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… and he has always been one. He first left ORU in the lurch, then Tulsa, and finally Illinois. His departure from TU was especially bad. He took them to the elite 8 and claimed that he was staying at TU. A couple of days later, he said See Ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

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