Shoutout to Gates!

Just wanted to give credit to Gates at first base last night. Man he had to dig a lot of balls out of the dirt last night. I cringed every time at all those low throws to first, but Gates just kept scooping them up.

He battled last night! That was one of his best all around games. I trust him at the plate over McFarland!

Gates seems to give 100% effort every play, every at-bat. Not elite talent but I’ll trade that for somebody with his attitude and work ethic any day of the week. He was great picking balls all night on low throws and making it look easy. I know he was injured earlier in the year and has never really got the bat going like last year. But he showed glimpses last year of some REAL pop in the batter’s box with his old school no batting glove approach (which I personally love). He had three home runs early in the year this year but hasn’t hit one in a long while if my memory is correct. He has above average bat speed and has JUST missed a few balls on some bad breaks. He has been close enough on balls he’s fouled straight back that I have cringed knowing that last year that ball would have been planted over the right field fence in a hurry. I keep waiting on him to crank a couple of balls out of the yard and take our elite offense to another level. If my memory also serves me right, Gates hit a HR LATE in the marathon delayed game against Missery State, at approx 3:30 in the morning. Haha. You talk about scary? Imagine our offensive lineup if Gates were to get the bat going to resemble last year.

 These Hogs have the ability to be a Murderer’s Row of sorts every time they take the ball field.   We lost focus during the SC game after getting up big and didn’t end it as soon as we could have.   Hopefully that’s out of our system.   I have watched this team every game this season and just believe they are poised to make a run.   DVH has alluded to it.  Resting the team and getting ready to make a run at Omaha.   This team has the mixture of seniority and youth you need.  Personally, I love our games that Kyle Peterson calls.   He knows the game and gives great unbiased analysis.   He has been HIGH on our Hogs, consistently referring to us a real contender and one of the teams who could give Florida (the odds on favorite to win it all) all they could handle.  Our first two starters (Knight and Murphy) will keep us in most games this post season.   Our bullpen has grown into a strength.   If we can keep the bats hot and Campbell can lock down the number 3 starter with his consistency, buckle up.   It’s going to be a fun post season.   Omaha or bust.   DVH knows what he has and these Hogs are hungry.

Gates is a guy who can be real big for us to rest of the year he’s a much better hitter than he’s shown he can hit the ball out of the park and he can also go the other way and his made very good plays over at first base

I watched the replay this morning. I tried to stay awake but I kept dozing off! I don’t know why our infielders were making him work so hard, but they sure were making a lot of low and wide throws to first.

Kyle Peterson is my favorite! He does an excellent job and yes, he does seem to be very complimentary of and thinks highly of the Razorbacks! I’ll take him over Ben McDonald any day!

Kyle Peterson noted last night that his son is a Razorback fan.

Also said his son wants to take Blaine Knight fishing if Hogs get to Omaha.

Kyle was very high on us at the start of the season. He is a very big fan of Fletcher. Even with Fletchers slow start, Kyle commented several times that it would just be a matter of time til he broke out of his slump.
I thought that comment about his son wanting to go fishing with Knight was pretty cool!

The wet ball last night caused some poor throws. The grass is wet and makes it brutal to make those throws. I wish we would lay a few bunts down that 3rd baseline in the wet grass and get a wild throw out of Florida.

And there is the homerun I was expecting. Man, that swing is pretty.

This is what I was waiting on from Gates. Another dangerous guy in our murderer’s row of Razorbacks.

Gates had a nice game today. Made some big defensive plays and was steller at the plate.

He is solid.

I was reminded today that in 2016 before Gates’ hamate bone injury DVH said something about him being the best hitter on the team at the time.

Can you imagine this lineup if he starts becoming a power source at the bottom of the lineup and Jax and Koch take quality at bats?

There just isn’t much breathing room for opposing pitching staffs when we are locked in from top to bottom and grinding out at bats. It’s a thing of beauty.

I am really, really happy to see Gates coming around at the plate. I said at the beginning of the year that this is the most talented Razorback team I have ever seen (and I have pretty much all of them). I would like to see all the starters clicking on all cylinders. Wouldn’t that be awesome. I would also like for Koch to quit trying to lift the ball every pitch. If he ever learns to swing level, square the ball up, hit to all fields with power, he could be a force.

Koche is wore out from catching! If he goes to plate and takes 3 cuts and goes back to the bench we should be happy. I know I’ve complained about him at times but it’s amazing how focused he’s been behind the plate and it’s brutal hot!
He has hit some balls hard right at people.
I will agree he has took some upper cuts swings but all of the hogs have done that!