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of course the baseball team - a good and important win tonight. Now on to MS. Boy, this SEC W is so tough!

But, I want to give a great big shout out to the Softball team. All I have ever known about them is the scores, but still that tells me that great strides are being made. Wasn’t it just 2 seasons ago that they were beaten by 50 or some such thing at home to I think FL? From that low point, they have moved to be ranked 16 and are very competitive in the SEC which is also very strong in softball just like everything else (I guess the SEC hockey programs are not too great, but if they ever take it up…)


Like baseball, the NCAA softball tournament has 16 regionals the first weekend followed by supers. If the rankings keep climbing, Hogs might be a threat to host at Bogle. Softball starts two weeks earlier though, so it wouldn’t be a case of baseball regional at Baum and softball at Bogle at the same time. As it happens, softball regional weekend is the week we’re away at Georgia.

There is actually at least one softball bracketology site and they predict in Monday’s update that the Hogs will host as the 15 seed.

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I just took a closer look at that bracketology site. He has EVERY SEC team in the tournament (Vandy doesn’t have softball).

Something to keep an eye on: the NCAA softball regionals are May 18-20, the same weekend as the state championships at Bogle Park. Arkansas might not be able to host because of a scheduling conflict. I’m unsure of whether the Arkansas Activities Association has flexibility to move the dates around, but as we saw with the Missouri State baseball situation a few years back, the NCAA requires the capability to have control over the venue all day, every day of a regional.

All 13 SEC teams made the NCAA Tournament last season. Only 12 make the SEC Tournament.

Would hate for them not to be able to host a regional because of a scheduling conflict when they’ve made such great strides this year. I would hope the AAA would be able to have a backup plan to play on another date or at a different site.