Shout out to our freshmen

Love watching these guys ball. Future it ultra bright. Next class is even better. Woo pig!

Gafford was a big factor tonight, especially considering he had two early fouls. Hall was outstanding for us tonight and Beard played a very good game as well.

The freshmen earned it tonight!
All of them! Hall was huge hitting from the 3 point line and rebounding! He brought energy.
Gafford was just huge when he was on the floor. His free throws are even getting better.
Gabe played well and pitched in too! Yes the future is bright.
This was a good team win!
I thought Beard had a good game as well. Bardford played well too! Macon passed on a lot of shot tonight I wonder if he is getting sick.

How many minutes did Gabe play tonight?

I agree the young guys looked good.

Some of the upper classmen were in due to more experience but Mike has brought along the young pups to start taking over.

I like the athleticism of the young guys. A shame about our point guard as that’s a nice class.

Which point guard are you referring too?
Garland whom hasn’t been cleared. Or one in next years class

Loved how Gabe for about a 2-3 minute stretch decided “I’m not playing tentative anymore”. He made a couple nice spin moves inside with one of them leading to what should have been an assist to Trey. Hit the 17 foot jumper and was very confident in handling the ball. He is going to be nice 4 year player at the PF position.

Also he is not much shorter then Trey and really competes on the defensive end.