Shout out to Henderson

for doing his Kemp and Lavine drills. We needed them.


Yes, he played well.

Yes he did. And the kid will never forget that performance today!

Ethan is a mystery. I don’t know what he does or doesn’t do in practice, but on those rare occasions that he plays, he always impresses me.


We may need Ethan more & more from this point. Guys will need breathers in games. Cant expect 35, 36, 37 mins every night.

I don’t see practices either, but Henderson’s play doesn’t seem mysterious to me. He gives great effort, and is really a pretty good athlete. A very, very good 10th or 11th guy.

But there are just better players ahead of him on this very, very good team.

The criticism of Henderson throughout this year should be stopped after tonight. He came off the bench and played a critical role replacing his teammates who were dealing with foul trouble during his game time. Tonight, he showed why he is a valued teammate for the Razorbacks and did a great job dealing with the bigs from Missouri. Congratulations to all the hogs. And a thank you to Ethan for sticking around and helping his team when they really needed a stabilizing leam effort.

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Well there hasn’t been much criticism of Henderson this year the few times we have seen him. Last year yes he would get lost until the last 2-3 games he looked great.
Couple times this year he missed a couple assignments on defense but his hustle has always been thru the roof.
He needed to come thru tonight and he did. I’m sure Muss let him know beforehand be ready we are going to need you and we did and he produced.

His energy was great. He played good defense against one of the top big men in the SEC. I’m not sold on his offensive basketball and hands for catching passes under the basket, but when he did get the ball, he knew what to do with it.

I’m the same way, eagle, every time he plays, I wonder why he doesn’t play more. he’s active on defense, blocks shots and rebounds, and dunks to make Gas proud. his energy seemed to pick up the whole team last night. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play>20 minutes a game, especially with Jaylin out and and Connor really struggling.


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That is the mystery…why doesn’t he play more? Has any reporter after asked the question to Coach?

Henderson showed he can play down low! His 2 dunks were nice to see. I hope every player the hogs send out on the floor to play have a good outing with positive results.
A times it may be a mystery why Ethan doesn’t get more playing time but look back a few games ago when Ethan got lost a switch and his man hit a 3! To close that half his man hit 3-3’s! Another matchup deal.

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Without looking it up, I’d guess Henderson has the best field goal percentage and worst free throw percentage on the team. :joy:

I wonder if he ever tried high jumping. Perfect body and explosiveness for that.

He showed great hands on some questionable passes. He was able to handle the pass and make a good decision. And he can finish down low. He’s just way better than Vanover in these areas. I like Jaylin and Justin don’t get me wrong. But I would love to see Ethan instead of Connor all day. Great hands. It’s huge to have an offensive threat in the paint rather than a liability.

I am not here to discredit what Ethan did last night. He played really well when given the chance to step in. But guys, the coaching staff would play him more if they thought he was a better option than Vanover, Smith and Williams. He’s very limited offensively. He’s made some terrific plays on the defensive end over the last few weeks, but he can be undisciplined on the interior, and I remember him being slow to react to Jordan Bruner beyond the 3-point line vs. Alabama. He’s a little hit and miss. But without a doubt he played very well vs. Missouri.


You have a valid point. Ethan gets it done down low but he can’t on the perimeter. He has good hands

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That late first half surge Bruner has was with Henderson guarding him.

Do we need an Allen Iverson impersonation here? Practice?! We are talking about the big dance here. Practice?!

At some point I just don’t care about how great someone is in practice. Yes if someone stinks it up and doesn’t bring effort in practice your gonna have a hard time giving them trust as a coach. But I have a hard time believing Ethan doesn’t bring effort. Maybe he can’t guard the perimeter I don’t really know. And I don’t really know how wonderful Vanover is in practice. But Vanover doesn’t bring it to the game. at the end of the day, and especially in the post season, you have to go with who rises to the occasion in the big game. Some guys are big game players. Some aren’t. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ethan’s athleticism (and Justin Smith this year). In elite competition you have to have some of that length and high level athleticism. I have no interest in bashing Vanover I just, with all of my armchair expertise, really love what I see in Henderson every time he gets a chance. I trust in muss and the playing time decisions he makes for the rotation. And I trust Vanover to do his job and not be a liability when he’s out there. And I trust Ethan to over achieve every opportunity and that kind of thing gets me fired up for March madness.

Dangit i tried not to make a negative post about CV but was still too critical so I gotta add here I also trust Vanover to be a starter and win the jump ball every damn time and get about 7 rebounds before the first tv timeout woo pig sooie

CV has some pros and cons and I really think CEM looks for ways to exploit his strengths while limiting his weaknesses. CV has had some clutch moments this year for sure but he’s also seemed to disappear some offensively. I may be having selective memory but I remember Dwight Stewart would cause some mismatches and boy was he clutch on some 3s in the post season. Heck, Tank Robinson had some clutch 3s too. Have yet to see CV be clutch like that on the perimeter but I hope he has his moments the next few weeks.