Hired the coach already if it was going to be an Up-comer.

Now we are going to over pay for one.

Scott Frost just got 5 M.

We will likely have to pay around that much for a lesser version of frost.

Hard to be optimistic about the state of the hogs right now.

There are still more coaches than there are P5 jobs open. Perhaps you didn’t mean to imply Frost was once an option for us, but if you did, he wasn’t. He’s a Neb alum. They called & he answered.

No just stating the going rate for a up and comer.

Either way, I have a gut feeling we are about to over pay for a guy who isn’t ready for the job.

Just my feeling.

I think they’re all overpaid, so I won’t argue with that. I agree we wasted a lot of time trying to land a coach who was never coming here. He might have considered it had he lost to UGA the first time & then to Bama, but that’s mainly because if he’d lost those two games Auburn would’ve pushed him our way.

Unlike Malzan Frost is loyal to Nebraska.
Anyone we get will be better than Gus.

never have liked the idea of Gus, a snake in the grass