Shoulda coulda...

DVH is a great coach but not bunting Martin was the wrong decision. Casey hasn’t been good since before the SEC tourney, force them to play D.

With the pitches the FSU pitcher was throwing whose to say Casey could even have got a bunt down. Franklin could have been cut down rather easily. I trust DVH in this situation rather than all the coaches on this board.

I never thought Arkansas would bunt Martin in that situation. With a runner on third and one out, almost every coach would play for the sacrifice fly like the Razorbacks did tonight.

If he bunts and it fails, everyone would say you have to sac fly in that situation. The decision is always going to be second-guessed when it isn’t successful.

After the fact play callers…so funny :lol:

If he bunts and pops up or strikes out on the squeeze resulting in the double play…“What the heck for are you bunting Casey? He’s 2nd on the team w the 15 HR’s.” :sunglasses: