Should we really be concerned about the running game?

Yeah 80-90 yards depending on your method of calculating is kind of paltry, but the EI’s were loading the box. It really doesn’t matter who you’re playing, if your blockers are outnumbered, you probably won’t gain many yards. The good news is, we made them pay for bringing those safeties up. We torched them and our Offense put up 49 points. The O-line was much criticized, but they did a great job in pass protection. Clean pocket virtually the whole game. One holding call and no false starts. Compare and contrast that with last season’s opener against the Snakes! Had to be pleased with QB play, Looks like we’ve got two who are going to be pretty good right now. WR play wasn’t too bad either. I think we have more weapons out there than we realized.

I think so. Regardless of them loading the box, and vanilla play calling, the lack of push by the OL is extremely concerning. That DL couldn’t make an SEC practice team if there was such a thing.

I know some think Jackson coming back will make a difference, I’m not sure I see that because he’s never been all that good. LG is the must find, Adcock got pushed back far too many times, he’s not ready. Clenin didn’t look as bad, maybe he would be a good fit for LG when Jackson returns.

They’ve got their work cut out in this one. I’d say we have the least talented OL in the SEC.

I think so. Take away the end-game kneel downs and Arkansas averaged just over 2 yards per carry. Those are the types of averages we’ve seen against Alabama the past several years.

If you can’t run on Eastern Illinois, you won’t be able to run on most of the other teams left on the schedule, and one-dimensional offenses never fare well in Arkansas’ division.

I think its too early…1st game…if it is not much improved after NT, then we may be in trouble. What is the old coaches cliche, “A team makes it’s most improvement 1st game to 2nd game”…or something like that. I believe the other guy had some real good rushing teams that had a similar start.

I agree and I am very worried that some think we showed a great passing game, but I fear they had a terrible passing defense. This game was a good scrimmage but surely not a true test.

I am glad we have two more warm up games before it gets tough. That two weeks may be real valuable.

Yes. Very much so.

We have to hope Colton can return and make a difference…and that maybe Ty Clary can take the LG position.

There was no mvt. against the weakest team on the schedule. So yea…I’m concerned. I know Morris is too. Much moreso.

Not good at all. They ran the ball pretty well against our D and had holes. We got no push at all and very few holes. An SEC team should be able to run on them at will. We are not an SEC quality team yet by a long shot. As coach said, got a whole lot of work to do, and that is the biggest job.

Yes, yes. The Hogs are last, #14, in the SEC after playing a lower division team. In fact, it was one of the worst performances in the NCAA this weekend.

You can’t say “in fact” when it’s actually an opinion. We won. We did good things. Quit using your microscope to evaluate the entire game.

No, In fact, it was statistically one of the worst rushing performances this weekend. That is true.

That’s what I think he was saying.

If he meant rushing performance, then yea I can agree. But I read it as total performance, which wouldn’t be correct. Look at me, always looking for the worst in people.


You can’t say “in fact” when it’s actually an opinion. We won. We did good things. Quit using your microscope to evaluate the entire game.

[/quote]Hmm. Playing a mediocre FCS team, the Hogs rushing offense landed at #110 in the higher division after game #1. That’s a pretty miserable result.


We have the 18th ranked passing offense to go with the 110th ranked rushing unit to have a 64th rank for total Offense.

No, not worried about the run game after ‘one’ game. Thinking the run game is dead is like thinking Ty Storey is going to win the Heisman.

It’s 1/12 of a season. As a businessman or with a personal issue for that matter, I’ve never made a decision knowing only 1/12th of what I need to know.

yes very much so!! we are very weak physically up front and get basically no push whatsoever and that agianst the weakest DL we will see…we can run different plays to help out but the fact is we are going to get overwhelmed by most of the SEC defenses we see ,even when Jackson comes back b/c he was never very physical.

The Pass blocking was great against this caliber team so we will see how they do when they face those maneaters from Auburn in 3 weeks.

we all knew the OL would be very average but when I looked at EI on film I thought we would run all over them and we couldn’t even create one good hole…it is what it is,they will work hard and as a a coach that’s all you can ask for.

EIU came in with the game plan of, if you can beat us through the air we will tip our hat and load the bus and head home. They thought if they stopped the run that they might have a chance for a win, if hadn’t been for Ty it might have worked. However I do think Cole would have settled in and we would have still won,Ty did have his best day ever as a Razorback. I would think Colorado St will have a similar game plan and will make our QB win the game. WPS


If the subject is based on this game & 1st game only against a much weaker team who loaded up against the run, then worried sick. So I’ll hold back on any opinion until seeing the 2nd game & see what the coaches & players can bring to the table then. Hopefully vast improvement & some more twists in the offense.

The run game will be fixed over the next two games, if it was even broken. They will work on blocking this week, along with the running backs looking for and finding the seams. It will all be plain vanilla.

That would see so, but I don’t believe one game is enough to determine how good our running game is or will be.