Should we get ready for Top 10 ticket price?

Top 10 coach salary undoubtedly will have to be paid through higher contributions to Razorback Foundation and a significant hike in ticket prices. A Top 10 coach salary will demand a Top 10 ticket price.

While everyone is celebrating right now and proud of having a coach with a Top 10 salary, in a few months, it is going to hit those of us who buy season tickets.

Winning has a price.

If we return to the success realized in the early 90’s, then ticket prices will likely be worth whatever they become.

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I don’t think it will be this year. I got an email this morning from ticket office, telling fans that don’t have b-ball tickets, they can order them now, for upper deck seating.

Tickets are $300 per seat for 2021-2022 at least upper deck tickets are.

Sell the tickets first, then squeeze those of us who have them. Although lower bowl, which is pretty much sold anyway, may get squeezed a little sooner.

As I recall, the breakdown is 12000ish in the lower bowl, 7000ish upstairs. Students get about 1000 downstairs IIRC.

Students for the past several years also get the entire upper level seats on the east end plus 2 sections in the southeast corner (basically the upper deck above the band). The upper level seats used to only be those in the corner for students. When attendance started falling, they began allocating the whole east end to students, this is their overflow seating when their lower level seats fill up. So for the past few years, UA would announce a sellout, and there would be 3 or 4 sections of empty or almost empty seats. The people who are always wanting to give students the best and closest seats all around the arena don’t realize they are the least reliable to use what they have

Well, I just ordered 4. First time I have ever had basketball season tickets (assuming I get them). I have had football season tickets, but never basketball.

I had them from 94 till probably 2003 or so and then dropped them because I was not using them due to new family and other non hog related reasons and they were very expensive. I just added them back as my life is getting simpler as I age and I think I’ll have more time. I think if you order them now you’ll get them.

Man, should not have rainy days at the beach. I went ahead and got 4 football season tickets as well. First time in years. But, at least it was my wife’s idea, so she can’t get mad at me!

It will take care of itself. Ticket priority money will eventually be required for all seats. That’s what is happening with baseball. Win and they will come (and pay). And, they are going to re-vamp Bud Walton again at some point and add some decent premium seats (loge boxes).

If you are drinking, Greg, stay away from Amazon, lol. I’ve ridden that horse. :rofl:

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I am already paying ticket priority money. Question is whether I will have to pay more to keep my seats where they are and would I be paying more per ticket than what I did last year. And how much more.

I won’t cancel the tickets even if there is a big increase, but just wonder how it will affect overall ticket sales.

I KNOW that IF I lived within reasonable driving distance to Fayetteville, I’d have bb and fb season tix.

I was trying to do some research on what a Top 10 ticket price would actually be, but almost everything I found was secondary market (StubHub, etc.).

However for the 2019-20 season, I did find ticket prices for Rupp Arena. Primo seats downstairs are $6500 apiece, which includes donation and ticket (ticket alone is $1500). Nosebleed seats were $2400 (again including donation; seat alone is $1400) to $950 (no donation). I counted 18 home games and two exhibitions at Rupp that season, so if the exhibitions are included, the nosebleeds are basically $50-70 per game and the downstairs seats are $75 per game, before donation.

Man, that is a lot more than the $25-$30 per game we pay for lower bowl. Kentucky prices make sense since they have to cover Cal’s $9m per year.

I think our price goes to $35 for lower bowl plus maybe a $100 increase in donation. That should cover Muss’s new salary.

you have to include the cost of grease for his hair.

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If the Hogs win at the same rate, tickets will sell.


I found Louisville prices for the 2018-19 season. Season tix ranged from $300 to $983, plus donations for some seats. The release I found said season tickets offered up to a $65 savings on buying single game tickets for each game. UL had 20 home dates that year, including exhibitions.

BTW, both those years were years in which the Kentucky-Louisville game was being played in that arena. It’s possible that the ticket prices were higher for those seasons due to the high demand for that game.


Hunter already said how he paid for the raise abs it wasn’t ticket price hikes. Can’t see prices changing until it’s regularly sold out.