Should we be worried

Coach O is looking for a receivers coach.

I believe Coach Smith has the SEC non-complete clause now.

Thanks for the info Duds. I guess we shouldn’t be worried then. :sunglasses:

Here in Baton Rouge, they are saying Mike Smith would give his two front teeth for the Job…

They say he has begged for the job in the past…

This was on the Radio today as I drove home.

Now I am really glad he has a SEC no compete clause!

Who are “they”? Radio hosts, callers, guests?

Thanks for info.

Interesting since he could have already had it two times and didn’t take it.

From Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Receivers coach Michael Smith has signed a new contract that will increase his annual salary to $400,000. Smith was the only coach on the staff that did not receive a pay bump last season, and the 45% pay increase from 2015 will make him the highest paid non-coordinator on Bret Bielema’s staff. In addition, Smith signed a no-compete clause that prevents him from taking a non-head coaching or coordinator job at another SEC program.

Interesting that he can’t take a coordinator position either. Is that the same for all now Dudley? Thought it was just for lateral moves.

Not sure

I think that is just worded poorly.

What I THINK it is supposed to convey is that he cannot take a position at an SEC school unless it is either a Head Coaching or Coordinator level job. That makes sense. What is written above does not.

It’s the old double-negative (prevent . . . non) thing in action again. To make it work, as written, it would need to say " . . . . from taking a non-head coaching or non-coordinator job".

Loophole: make him WR coach and Recruiting Coordinator.

A host and some callers…

Whatever makes them sleep better at night.
It is like here anytime a commit jumps to another school some fan assumes we must have pulled his scholarship offer.
I could see Coach Smith having a desire to go back home, but he seems happy here too. He could not be as effective selling this place as he is if he didn’t have a very positive feeling for the place.