Should these stickum Gloves be legal?

You are seeing more and more of these amazing one hand catches and IMO most of them are B/c of these ultra tacky Gloves which is the equivlaent of using stickum which was outlawed.I love a great catch as good as anybody but you put these gloves on they are wearing today and everybody has good hands… what do ya’ll think?

I think they should be used.

The gloves definitely help, but through a game the lose a lot of that sticky ness, and if they get dirt or you touch the field with them they significantly lose that stickiness. Then you have to spit on them, literally, but they wear fairly quickly, compared to when they are brand new.

My experience with them, is they helped me in highschool catching the ball, no doubt about it. but if you aren’t careful they can also cause you to drop easy balls because sometimes the ball would hit the glove and not make it as far into your hands as you wanted. Still have to have really good hands to make these catches with the gloves. That’s the misconception, if you have brick hands, those gloves won’t do anything for you.

They are terrible in the rain also.

Okay thanks for the input I’m definitely no receiver LOL

even considering jrjdent’s input, I don’t really like the idea of artificial help on a receiver’s hands. If they wear out over time, I’d bet that’s not a problem for major college programs. They can have a dozen pair per receiver per game. I’m sure they won’t make a bad receiver a great one, but I’d still prefer such devices be illegal.

Kinda funny (ironic) that this topic came up. Can’t remember which game I was watching (within the past month), but it crossed my mind too. Not so much that I’m upset with players using them today as just remembering how “back in the day” we used Stick-em and then it was outlawed. Not sure why - anyone could use it if they wanted to.

But most of all, I just remember the smell of Stick-em. The ghost of locker rooms long, long ago!

I think no substance which would in fact stick the ball to the glove should be allowed. In good weather I see no need for gloves at all, but in cold it could be justified. The old fashioned stick em was a joke.

I was a WR & tried stickum once ever. Besides the smell & that stuff hard to get off of your hands afterward because you had to keep coating your hands in it.
Never tried the stickum gloves, technology wasn’t there in my day. Didn’t like any gloves on period though, even in the cold & wet times. Always had a small dry towel tucked in front of my pants to keep the hands dry & somewhat warm.

Right, of course they do. The point was that sometimes during the course of the game/drive they aren’t as sticky as some think. They are pretty a sticky rubber, but can get slick really quick, and you still have to be able to catch the ball. Idk anything about the true Stick-em, (well before my time) but I can only assume it’s truly like super glue on your hands while these are not.

The way I see it, they are just a performance enhancing gear, the same as cleats.