Should JD come off the bench tomorrow?

Doesn’t this just really confirm that he needs to be on the floor at the end of the game, more than the beginning, if you had to choose?

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Hope he’s just been a little off, and not checking out knowing he’s gone to NBA

No way. Come on man.

J Williams isn’t bashful about putting up a shot from 3! He needs to keep batting down low some but he hasn’t done that much this season anyway.

I would want my best player starting and finishing the game. I’m playing him as much as I can.


Of course you are…as I’ve posted here dozens of times before. I never have a problem with someone making a post with a stance that’s different than mine SO LONG AS they are willing and able to engage in legitimate debate over the subject. If they aren’t, they shouldn’t be on a board like this (and the same could be said about me, or anyone).

That said, I do have a problem with you hiding behind that flimsy “hey, can’t I post my opinion?” defense when I was responding to you only because YOU called me out by name. My original post in this thread certainly wasn’t responding to your post, nor did I mention you. I simply posted my opinion (originally) to someone else’s post/thoughts. You, then, made a mocking/condescending comment about those who make posts here “telling Muss what to do” and saying “that Muss is out of his depth” or “he’s just rolling the ball out there” and, specifically, mentioning me as one that had done so when I had said, thought or implied NONE of those things. You addressed it to “fans on message boards” at first, but then called me by name.

So, who is it that has the “thin skin”? Me for taking exception when you - unprovoked and unaddressed - put words/thoughts in my mouth that I didn’t come close to saying; or you for acting surprised when I respond to your false charges/characterization of what I had posted?

I hear ya, but CEM said in his post game this isn’t a new thing for JD, especially the last 3-4 games that I recall. He isn’t going to play the whole game and he’s likely going to sit about 7 minutes in the first b/c of foul trouble. Just seems to me he could come in at the under 16 mark. But I’m not the coach. Just a thought. I’m sure he’ll do the same thing he’s done, but curiosity has me, I guess.

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Of course, we’d all like to have the best players on the court all of the time.

But that’s not what he asked you…he asked if, given the choice of having JD available early OR late (but not both…“if you had to choose”), which would you choose?

Of course, just because he may play early, that doesn’t mean he for sure won’t be available at the end of the game. But the concern, as noted throughout the thread, is that Notae has shown a consistent propensity to get in early foul trouble, which limits his minutes in the first half and alters the way we approach using him in the 2nd half as well.

I’m not sure what the answer is, but it’s a legitimate conversation to consider sliding him off the bench 4-5 minutes into the game instead of starting him and seeing him frequently on the bench for 8-10 minutes of the first half. Especially since he was so effective in just that role for our Elite Eight team just last season.

I have to laugh every time I see the category “FT% defense”. What determines a good FT% defender? Is it the defender who’s best at talking the shooter into a missed free throw? Is it the defender who’s the best at giving the shooter “the scariest evil eye”?

Now I might understand a little bit if it was “# of FTA”. That might gage if the defender was fouling too much.

:+1: Where do people come up w this stuff? :rofl:

Good Lord man, relax

You take yourself way to seriously and surely your life is more complete than depending on validation on a message board. But that’s how you come across, always chafed if anyone disagrees.

So here:
I apologize

Not going to keep going back and forth with you


LORD NO. As was mentioned above, JD’s +/- is so far in the plus side, he needs to be on the floor as much as possible. Even in the shooting slump he’s in, he makes so many good things happen, he needs to play as much as his foul trouble will allow.

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This ^^^^^^

No…he starts for sure but will say he has seemed a little off the last couple of games with silly plays, shots and fouls and it is time to right that ship and start ballin’ like he knows he can.


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Can’t you get it through your head it’s NOT the disagreement or difference of opinion I have any issue with…it’s the “cheap shot” aspect of YOU saying I said/posted things that I did not…particularly since I wasn’t even talking to or about you in the first place. Post what you want…disagree with me (or anyone) if you want. But at least, make it about something that I actually said or did.

You can say what you want about me in this issue, but let’s be clear - it was you that started the back and forth…not me. If you respond to one of my posts with civil debate and discussion, that’s what you’ll get in return. And that’s by far, my preference. But, do be prepared for my response (whatever it may be) if you do; especially, if you go out of your way to engage me. That’s what these boards are all about, Doc…opinions, responses and debates. You are not exempt.

As much as it appeared to some that JD had a down game yesterday, he led the Hogs (and the game) in +/- points at “11”.

If only I struggled so much.

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My initial response was laden with sarcasm. Surely you can see that.

And I think it was clear I was sarcastic because I disagreed with the premise of not starting JD.

You are obviously a very intelligent individual, and have a great command of language. But you really do get worked up pretty easily at perceived slights.

I am going to leave this back and forth with another apology for calling you out by name.

As the author of the OP of this thread, I was not trying to tell Muss what he should do. Nor was I suggesting that JD should be benched. Just floating a thought out there as a fan, that Muss might be considering letting JD sit a few minutes at the start of the game. That’s what JD did last year, and it seemed to work out pretty well. It just seems that getting a quick foul in the first couple of minutes may be putting some pressure on him. He’s still going to play as many or more minutes than anybody else not named J-Will. We’ll see what happens, but I sure hope he doesn’t sit for extended minutes because he picked up two quick fouls at the beginning of the game.

It’s kind of like being at the drag strip, you run what you brung, JD will start. WPS