Should I watch the LSU game?

I have missed the last 3 basketball games. I was flying to Dubai during the TN game and flying back FL games and was only able to check my phone for updates between flights. During the KY games I was fishing a bass tournament in 34 degree rainy and windy weather and checked my phone in time to get updates on the last 2 minutes.

He is my dilemma - I’m flying to Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday and I planned the trip to make it to the hotel in time to watch the game. Do I watch the game and maybe mess with the winning karma or just check the score later?

The airline might solve your dilemma for you. But don’t mess with the karma.

Do Not Watch The Game! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:


Don’t watch :grinning:

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I don’t believe in Karma or have any superstitions at all. However, I wouldn’t risk watching in light of the results of the games you’ve missed. :sweat_smile:


I’m so superstitious I don’t watch the games live ever. I dvr and watch later and I’m as big a fan as anyone. I’m 70 years old and drive my wife crazy with this. I just get too nervous. I know I’m one of a kind!


If you watched the Hofstra game, I say go do something else, but otherwise watch.

If you watch and we lose, I wouldn’t post it! Lol

Watch the game! U r going to love it!

The stitious side of me says don’t watch the game for the love of all things holy!!!

Realistic side says enjoy. The fact that I wore the same clothes to watch the KY game that I wore to the TX and PSU games really didn’t matter. :wink:

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Absolutely do not watch the game! My MO during this great stretch of basketball has been to watch while we are doing well, then turn away when the game tightens. Always watch the last couple of minutes. Don’t mess with good mojo.

No you are not. 73 and dvr so I don’t have to wait through ads. I still yell at the TV as if it matters. “Devo, just knock down these FTs and the game is ours. ——- Da. N. Didn’t you hear me?” Really quite comical.

I sit on one part of the couch. If it was a good half, I stay there. If not, I move.

Remember, the game is probably over or at least way ahead of me. Make any sense?


C.hog. I’ve finally found my clone! My wife said there wasn’t anyone like me. I’ve done this since Nolan. We love our hogs!!

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Watch the game! No doubts!

I talk to my dog about the game. He just wags his tail. :joy::joy:

Probably in the area of TMI, but y’all should see the shape of the red underwear I’ve been wearing (and washing) during this streak. I literally had to staple the fabric to the waistband, lol. But, I’m also the guy who kept a beat-up picture of the National Championship trophy in my pocket during our run in '94. And, I’m also the guy who wore out Whitney’s “One Moment in Time” while bawling my eyes out the night we won…but I’m not superstitious.:rofl:

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