Should I cry , scream, laugh, or what?

As for being the best recruiter since Broyles, a case can certainly be made for that.

In my opinion, this staff is the hardest-working staff and most creative in terms of recruiting that I have covered in 36 years of doing so.

They were moving forward every year until last season, but obviously the blowout loss at Auburn and the second-half collapses against Texas A&M, at Missouri and against Virginia Tech turned a team that could have won 9, 10 or 11 into one that won 7.

Obviously this staff has to right the ship this year and go back in the right direction.

But it isn’t as if they absolutely sucked throughout the season.

I was very unhappy when I read his assessment

If it happens Coach Bret will be another year and gone

I have confidence InCoach Bret - I think he is a solid coach but a record like what Wally said is confirmation the Belima era is soon to be over

I have subscribed to the AR DemGazette for many, many years. I read Wally. He really, really needs to retire. His articles are 3rd grade level at best. Nothing personal. Just wish we had more articles that actually showed some research and football insight. That said, I predict 8-4. Go Hogs!

Just mellow out and enjoy the season! Football is here! I’m hoping to see improvement, some exciting play, and maybe a surprising win or two.