Should I cry , scream, laugh, or what?

Our boy Wally picks the Hogs to go 7-5 and back to the Liberty Bowl to beat Kansas State. That means not one lick of improvement in three years by a team coached by a man called the best Arkansas recruiter since Frank Broyles. Jesus Christ have mercy on us.

PLUS, WH is the eternal optimist!.. So, with that in mind, what will be our REAL record??? If we lose to aTm, (realistic possibility), do we win at Ole Miss? For them, EVERY game is their bowl game.

_ally hasn’t had a clue in the nearly 40 years I’ve known him; why would he start having one now? That column just filled up space in the paper and the website, nothing more. You probably know less about this season after reading it than before.

The truth is, if we can do that, it will be a good year. If we manage to go 8-4? VERY good year. 9-3? Freak out! That is just who we are and what we are.

I do think BB is slowly making us better. Sad part is, in the SEC, that doesn’t mean much.

I wish Wally Hall would retire. His article was there and I read it but it contains nothing promising!
Don’t compare anyone to Coach Broyles in recruiting. He knows less about football than my 6 year old son.
I will stick to my 9 - 3 prediction.
The hogs are getting faster on defense!
I say just laugh off any comment Wally writes.
Be thankful for the rest of the folks that do stories that matter!

We have the best recruiter since Broyles with all of his recruits. 7-5 shouldn’t be a good year


That’s a pretty piss poor mentality to have. That’s just who we are? Frank broyles certainly never had the most talented teams (not that mentality), not even close, but as an excellent coach he caused them to far exceed their talent level. You have to first believe that you can be better than what you are, to get there. You have to expect more, as fans we should push it. Cheering on 7 win seasons and considering an 8 win season fantastic won’t push the program forward.

I don’t have this mentality. I see that we have top notch facilities, are in the best conference, and have a good fan base behind the program. We should be a top 25 program year in and out no matter what, occasionally breaking in to the top 10, (it can and has been done, no excuses). We should be recruiting st a high level, i personally question if CBB is recruiting better than previous coaches, the rankings are about the same, and the OL and DL/LB/safety depth is concerning, definitely failed there. Hopefully they fix it. I don’t think ta unrealistic to expect a class in the top 20 recruiting wise.

I did not (and do not plan to) read the article, but I certainly hope that he specified University of Arkansas at Fayetteville so that you would know exactly who he was referring to!
Right now I do not forsee the need for help from the Deity to have a better season than 7-5, in spite of the expert forecast from Mr. Hall. Would not surprise me unduly if we do better than 8-4 either. Cannot wait for Thursday week! WPS!!!

then you should cry.


no reason on earth to read anything he writes.


What did you expect as a record prediction? 7-5 is about spot on, in my view. I am not a Wally fan, but for once I agree with him. With a bad defense from the past 2 years, losing our best running back and a host of experienced receivers, this season has a lot of unknowns. We have a brutal schedule with most of our tougher opponents being played at their place. We play Bama, LSU, Ole Miss and Texas A+M and South Carolina away from Fayetteville. TCU, Missouri and Auburn at Fayetteville. It is not going to be easy to win 7-8 games.

My our expectations have been lowered. 7-5 is mediocrity at best. 8-4 should be minimum expectations year in year out. Goal is to win the sec west to start. When we hired this coach he stated he was going to bring us a sec championship. I understand the hand he was dealt but it is year 5 now. It’s time right now to start winning the way razorback fans expect. If fans, administrators, coaches, and players think 7-5 is successful then we have found a home in the middle to lower tier of sec teams. 7-5 does nothing personally for me, like prepping for a colonoscopy, just plain dreadful. 8-4 I can stomach but won’t be elated. Win 9 or more, get to a bcs or top tier bowl game, now that is razorback football.

He just needs more time to get his players in.

I believe our Razorback football program is heading
in the right direction. I want us to get to a point that
a 7-5 regular season is considered a down year.

7-5 is a down year for me, and that is just my opinion…

In the first place, I wasn’t saying that if in each year for the next 20 years we go 7-5 I would be satisfied. This was a prediction for THIS YEAR. I maintain that for THIS YEAR, 7-5 would be good, 8-4 great and 9-3 would be fantastic.

7-5, playing in the SECW is a top 25 year (not saying the polls will show it, but in reality we would be one of the top 25 teams if we go 7-5).

Do I like the fact that “it is who we are?” Nope. But I don’t like the fact that I am not now, nor will I most likely ever be a billionaire. Does that mean I don’t work as hard as I can? Nope. But if I base my satisfaction on being something that just isn’t going to happen, I am in for a lot of disappointment. I have been in that mode for the last 25 years or so. Expecting to be something we just aren’t going to be (top 20 year in year out, challenging for the National tile a few times a decade).

The facts are if we can go 7-5 or 8-4 in an average year, we hopefully will have a 9-3 or even 10-2 year once in a great while. I do not think we will ever have that year where we go 15-0 or 14-1 and win it all. Just don’t see it happening. That said, I will never forget talking to my best friend in the early 80’s and he assured me, without a doubt, that the Hogs would never win the National Championship in basketball. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to see 1994. I wish (for a lot reasons) that he had. So maybe I am as wrong about football as he was about basketball. I sure hope so.

Remember just a few years back when Auburn finished last in the West one year and played in the NCG the next? Strange things happen when the prolate spheroid (look it up) starts bouncing. Likely? No. Possible? Yes.

  1. I did have to look it up.

  2. You are correct.


At least split with TCU and Texas A&M, win at South Carolina, at Ole Miss, beat Mississippi State and Missouri to go along with expected wins over Florida A&M, New Mexico State and Coastal Carolina.

You are going to be an underdog against Alabama, Auburn and LSU.

Is it possible - sure.

But it’s going to be tough.