Should he stay or should he go? Thoughts to ponder

Should he stay or should he go now? If he stays there will be trouble, if he goes it will be double.

Yes, I realize that’s from a song, but it holds a powerful message all Razorbacks fans should consider. I think the “IF HE STAYS” part is painfully obvious in the short term of the program. Its the “IF HE GOES” part that really concerns me, and here is why…

I am not here to debate if Coach Morris is a golden egg or a shriveled up piece of turd or somewhere in between. To me the problem is the outside optics to the coaching world. He came here in the midst of a dumpster fire with everyone knowing the chore before him and no short term fix. He came here knowing it would be a long road to fix our ills. The coaching world knew this as well.

Now barely a year and half into his time here, people are calling for his head. IF he gets fired, that will hit the coaching world like a nasty wet fart in an elevator full of people stuck between floors! And the stench will cling to us for ages… especially when searching for a new hire.

What coach would be willing to walk in to this hot mess knowing in barely 1-1/2 years they could be calling for your head because they are not interested in fixing anything, only interested in instant gratification. No one would. You’d have to be selling off U of A properties and empty all your coffers to try and have enough money to get someone to think about taking that job.

Is Coach Morris the answer? At this point the body of evidence does not support that he is? Will it get better… even my trusty Magic Eight Ball won’t give me an answer to that one. But if you fire him before or at the end of the season, you may be declaring to all the coaching world, Arkansas is the place coaching careers go to die.

The really hard decision will rest with Hunter Y., I feel sorry for him. He did not hire this coach and ADs love to put their stamp on the main revenue sports. He’s seeing fan/booster support take a hit, he sees recruits bailing, and he sees players transfer out. All signs that he should do something. I also think he is smart enough to realize the above PR optics to the coaching world as well. So if he keeps him one more year, to help with the optics, he is, in my opine, hooking his career chain to that of the coach. If things don’t improve the next year we could be looking for a new AD and a new coach. Is Hunter willing to tie his career to a coach he didn’t hire? That’s an interesting question we will see unfold in the near future.

How ever it ends, I just hope we will not be dealing with these kind of troubles…

…until the end of time!

PS: Music tidbits courtsey of The Clash - (1982) Should I Stay or Should I Go

This is is a good post and why I’ve said he has to decide which is the least bad decision.

I will say I think the blowback from the coaching fraternity would be justified if HY fired him after a 2-10 5-7 or 2-10 4-8 start. If this team finishes worse than that, though, I think HY could say to other coaches, agents, the media, and the fanbase that he’s making a decision because there has been no improvement.

It’s one thing for an AD to be impatient with a guy that’s showing slow but steady progress and another thing all together to make a justified, albeit quick change is if there is very little to no progress at all in the win/loss column.

No conference wins and a home loss to one of the worst teams in the FBS would mean no progress on the field and could be justified quite easily in my view - especially if there continue to be hits to the recruiting class and more Morris recruited players departing. Now if he wins a conference game and WKU? More blowback to deal with if he makes a move.

Both of these posts are good. I agree with you. I don’t post a lot, but I think a lot of us are waiting to see what happens to the rest of this season. I still say he gets next year because of your reasons above. Maybe Hunter forces a change in coordinators? I think a good portion of the fan base is out there that would agree with this plan if the AD pushed it…change coordinators and see if things improve next year some. Although I doubt any good coach is going to want to jump into this mess bc job security issues going forward.

The key for Morris the rest of the year to shut out all of the criticism that is bombarding the program and the players.

He doesn’t need to win every game. No one expects that.

What we do expect is to see improvement week to week. I’m not sure I’ve seen that, but I’m not a good enough evaluator to determine that. I do see a team that is counting on a LOT of underclassmen and when you do that you will see inconsistent play.

Rallying the team behind you and teaching the players in practice so that the game play improves is all that is in his control this year.

I agree with JR, if he doesn’t show that spark of hope in improvement this year, I think HY will have no choice but to make a decision to move on. In year 2, CBP and CBB showed that their might be better days ahead. CCM has to do the same thing.

Not only did Petrino and Bielema show improvement in their second year, but they also had track records of success at their previous college HC jobs - ten win seasons, conference championships, etc.

Pretty easy to think - and for an administration to promote/sell - that the HC knew what he was doing and the rebuild is on track.

If the losing continues, what has Chad done as a college HC to inspire faith that he knows what to do to rebuild a program?

can we win a power 5 game? remember next year we have notre dame on the road added to the schedule.

those that predicted we might be better this year but the record might not reflect that were right. i think we are better, close but no cigar.

will we be better next year, i would venture yes. could we get to 5 wins, not losing to the san jose states of the world, who knows.

i think the interesting thing is recruiting and defections. one 4 star gone out of last years class already, 2 recruits decommits. can this staff hold it together. another strong selling job needed.

i think if morris were to keep his job another year, staff changes would be in order. nothing personally against Craddock, but have not been impressed with his play calling if he is even calling plays. offensive line coach probably also needs to be evaluated. on the defensive side, chavis has proven at his last two stops, whatever he’s doing and teaching ain’t working. he and cooper might need to go. the others at least can recruit.

wouldn’t want to be in hy shoes right now. IF basketball finishes as predicted, 11th, the two major sports will be at the bottom of there league. he hired coach muss. easier to turn a basketball program around. once again, depends on recruiting, then coaching them up. in both sports.

lastly after watching this fiasco in football since petrino left, has left me numb. we have better talent that some of the non power 5 teams morris has lost to. its time he show me something. at least beat who you’re supposed to beat. and if you have to let it all hang out to do so, do it period. we cannot hold back on any team until we learn to win.

we are now at the hard part of the schedule, should have beaten ole miss, san jose, and kentucky. lost all three. i think a lot depends on if we are absolutely routed and humiliated in the tough games we have coming up. get embarrassed, recruits and players bail, hy might have an easier decision.