Should even be considered an upset?

The best team (by far) won today. I fully believe that if we played UNT 10 times we’d do good to 3 of them. Never thought I’d see a Razorback team this poorly coached and have this bad of talent.

But by far, the biggest concern is this staff:

  • timeout on a kickoff
  • flea flicker when we hadn’t ran the ball
  • sticking w/an inept QB
  • special teams (all around)
    Etc, etc etc

This clearly wasn’t an upset.

For me, yes. anytime North TX beats AR it’s a incredible win, and a incredible loss. Just unbelievable really.

Not for those of us that called it and don’t fall for the company line BS and call a spade a spade.

They whipped our butts all over the field and made us like it.

I thought last week was rock bottom, but I was wrong again.

I think Kelley played himself out of the competition today…he just doesn’t take care of the football.

Play Storey and let the kids come in to relieve Ty.

The play calling is just horrible.

On a positive note, the new helmets looked good.

Again regardless of any self glorification or any excuses, I say again, anytime North TX beats AR at home, that’s a incredible win and incredible loss, unbelievable really.

This team is short of talent, granted. So far it is also short on coaching (my opinion, just like everything you State is your opinion. I do not think it fair to quote heresay as fact). Sorry, addressed to JacksonReid.

You are getting too caught up in the names on the jerseys, the conference they play in, etc.

North Texas has a better roster than Arkansas at present. Not hard to figure out and easy to observe.

Actually I am not. We were actually the favorite. That was easy to understand and observe.

Line opened at -9.5 and went off at -5.5. The late money flowed in on N. Texas because savvy bettors saw immense value.

Hence upset.

Of course it was an upset. Not a huge one but an upset. It opened at 7 (not 9 which he used to try and make himself look better) and went down a point to 1.5 points (not unusual).

And, of course saying it wasn’t an upset completely ignores that it was a complete and total beat down by a SunBelt team. But, this guy will be blaming Bielema until the next century regardless of the complete clown show that was put onto the field.

Adam opened at -9.5 offshore and got bet down so bad it opened at -7 in the states. Do some research in the future before you flap your gums .

It was not an upset to someone with keen powers of observation and the ability to do a little research, think for himself, etc.

I called it 41-27 and said we’d score late. Also said on this board day after E Illinois we’d likely lose to N.Texas. Not too shabby.

Given I’ve been in point about this program for the last four years need to PM for picks going forward. That is, assuming, you are a gambling man.

Company line BS? What was the company line & who do you think fell for it? I swear, some of you people seem to revel in losses just so you can talk about how insightful you are.

This performance today, nobody foresaw it, unless they’re on the coaching staff or the roster.

This was a weird, no-show game for the Hogs.

Revel? I hate this crap and certainly hate how we got to this point. A drunk buffon was allowed to run this program in to the ground over five years with subpar recruiting, subpar roster management, subpar assistant coaching hires, top notch partying, and world class self promotion - remember the company line that “Being Bret Bielema” would help with recruiting ? LOL

No, I hate this crap and the decisions in the past that got us to this point and also some decisions by this staff that I find to be ill advised.

I live in Dallas - and I got to witness Chad Morris “Football” up close.
ENJOY 1-7, 3-5, 4-4 conference records for the next three years.

Chad, the SEC ain’t RICE and UTEP - welcome to LSU, Auburn, Mississippi State, Georgia and of course Alabama. Under Chad Morris, our Razorbacks will continue to be SEC bottom feeders!
This 2018 team will not be bowl eligible - It is very possible this year’s team goes 0-8 in SEC conference play.

Do you think a Nick Saban or a Kirby Smart coached team would EVER fall for a no"fair catch" on a punt?
That was poor coaching - this team was poorly prepared today in all phases.
Last Week against the mighty Colorado State, we are up 27-9, and lose 27-34. Again that is poor coaching!

Chad you do not let a non-power 5 “Conference USA” team come into your house and BEAT YOU DOWN, PERIOD! You may lose games to “Conference USA”, Sunbelt, or Mountain West teams - BUT you don’t get bullied and embarassed at HOME!

What did Georgia do today against Middle Tennessee State, oh yeah 49-7.
The same MTSU from Conference USA that has beaten N. Texas 2 straight years.
It gives you the yardstick of HOW far away we are to even being competitive in the SEC.

Do you know why N. Texas is called Mean Green, because in their Amazing Football history, “Mean” Joe Greene (Hall of Fame player) of the Pittsburgh Steelers was N. Texas greatest accomplishment.
NOW they can always talked about how they stomped Arkansas in Fayetteville.

It is a extremely SAD that Arkansas STATE is the best Football team in the State.

You talked about MTSU beating N Texas…well, SMU beat them three straight times as well. Same coaches on offense.

Roster is the problem and not coaches.

Chad had a better roster at SMU last year than what he inherited.