Should be the

Home team Monday night. I would guess.

Hate to say but the slower pitching from different conferences just kill us. IMO

Thoughts about my topic? Like 2 years ago.

Arkansas will be the home team tomorrow.

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The pitching we saw last night was plenty fast! We couldn’t catch up to the 1st pitchers fast ball early on and their reliever was very good. Low to middle 90’s, nice change and slider.

LH have been our weakness all yr.

Actually, getting base hits has been our problem all season. 9 hits in two games by the #1 seed and “prohibitive” favorite. I’m afraid the Hogs are in real trouble against a hot team.

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You keep saying that & I do not doubt you, but have you looked to see how we’ve performed against lefties or is this just your observation. Again, I’m not disputing you. Your observations about the game are much better than mine, but I’m just wondering if it’s a big problem or just a minor “we perform better against righties” observation.

I will say this–I doubt whoever Neb starts will go far very deep. They’re playing their 5th game in 4 days. One would hope a lesser team playing one extra game will be at a big disadvantage. But my hope ain’t necessarily the fact.

I haven’t went back and looked at every game but have just noticed we don’t hit them very well,i remember one time they told on the Broadcast we hit LH at something like 230 and RH about 290 or something like that and I think I know why,our LH guys don’t have high ave against them(most LH batter don’t hit LH well) and our switch hitters don’t(Moore and Opitz hit better LH) hit well from the right side,now Franklin is really struggling bc they are throwing him nothing but high FB and he can’t hit them with the way he drops his shoulder and tries to launch the ball…I expect to see us change the Batting order tonight and play more small ball(bunt,safety squeeze when runner on 3rd) when we get runners in hopes of getting an early lead and hopefully by the 6th we are ahead and then bring in Kopps

Weak hitting for sure. NB gifted us with 11 free bases in our win and essentially gave us two runs in our loss. If our bats don’t come to life tonight…BLEAK off season.

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