Should Arkansas follow other teams

Should Arkansas follow other teams and opt out of the 2020 season for the “sake of the players”. That would throw the SEC higher ups in a tizzy and give SP a year to get them ready to play.


  1. That’s being totally inconsiderate of the rest of the league.
  2. This UA team isn’t as bad as people think. We have several capable transfers. Thais coaching staff will be much better (can’t be any worse) and players will play harder.

No because it wouldn’t look like it’s for the players but that we are cowards since we just got our brutal schedule. That won’t help Arkansas in the slightest to op out of the season.

I agree completely, but I do believe some point blank questions should be asked as to how the additional schedules were decided and by whom.
It could also be said that whomever made these schedules were cowards by obviously keeping the projected top teams seeming out of Harms way with those additional games on their schedules.

Didn’t HY have to sign off on this?
Seems that he should have known exactly how it was done if he agreed.

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if you opt out this year, you would likely be opted out of the league next season and not just for football.

So, no.

Play the schedule and get better.

Period. End of story.


no. lets kick their asses.

Win a couple in football (how sweet would it be to leave the swamp with a W!!!) go to the sweet 16 and the CWS, and have our AD “thank the SEC for our 2020 football schedule”, every dang time we are successful.

This really, really puts into stark reality, how this league views us. We are right back in the old SWC, not sure why it took me so long to figure it out.



It would look bad to the rest of the SEC for Arkansas to opt out. We already have enough baggage in football after the Morris & Beliema train wrecks for us to to earn the reputation of the team that wimped out. Can only imagine the negative impact that would have on recruiting. We need to stick it out, look competitive, & perhaps win a few games as we rebuild the program.

Not playing just delays rebuilding another year. We are not going to get any better by redshirting the whole team.

In one small way playing an insanely hard all conference schedule in Pittman’s first year can be a long-term positive. No one is expecting anything from this team, so the staff has a pretty free rein to try most anything with most anybody.

All the reps you give the young guys are going to be SEC game reps. Even if you preserve the redshirt for a big chunk of the incoming class you are still going to be able to get three or four games against SEC competition, and that can be a very good thing as we rebuild. It will not only help the young ones who grind through this season to be better in years to come, it will also give the staff a lot better idea about what works, what doesn’t, and what the highest recruiting priorities need to be.

We are THE RAZORBACKS! Not the chickens!


No. We can’t do that. It’s got to be a league decision. I think it’ll eventually come to cancellation, but not until there’s a large outbreak of the virus at a couple of league schools/teams. I suppose the league could excuse the teams that suffer the outbreak & still try to allow the other teams to play, but I think the more likely scenario is we’ll all stay more virus-free than I expect or there will be a bunch of college outbreaks & the season ends.

Qutters never win, Winners never quit!

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I think you’re probably right about that. I can’t help but believe the talent on last year’s team was better than it showed. Something was going on that had nothing to do with talent. I’ve heard about how the players didn’t like Morris, but it was probably more involved than that. Regardless, he had no control over the team. Otherwise we wouldn’t have lost (by a lot) to W. KY.

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NO, not at all!

CSP is a tough guy & has the experience to develop his players into a equally tough team. If we play this season with an attitude & with something to prove & now with competent coaches, we may win a few & play competitive.

While I don’t think Coach Pittman is timid nor looks at it this way, it seems that the pressure may be lessened with the way the SEC chose to manipulate for its favorites, since everybody but Paul Finebaum recognizes what was going on. We know we have a talent/performance gap to make up, this schedule will surely be more than a strong measurement of how much.

Was not surprised by the negative responses to my post and really don’t disagree with any of them. It wasn’t directed at our football team but more to the way the SEC has handled this. It would have been nice to say “screw you” to the SEC! I guess Mizzou is probably saying what are you complaining about?

You will not get better by not playing… schedule is absolutely insane but we need to play as many games as we possibly can to get these players and coaches time to know each other and figure out what does and doesn’t work.

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