Shotquality predicts our last 3 games

Great website if you are interested in basketball analytics.

Predicting the hogs finish 3-0.

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: hope they are correct

I sure hope that’s true. It would be nice!
I hope we get to play the 4th game and it’s Tennessee and not A&M! That would boost our SOS and our Net!

kenpom has Alabama winning 77-76 or 55% to 45% chance of winning. They had us losing at MO by 1 . . . . .
we are currently 22nd in kenpom as well.

I think the 4k plus fans in The Bud are gonna carry us to a great week. It can be ours if we take it. Go Hogs!

It seems to me the 8pm games have been less on attendance, surprisingly. But I’ll be there tonight doing my part. I’m really excited. I hope it’s at capacity and the student section is rocking.

If its not full and rocking with 4,000 fans, there is a huge problem with fans and Hog bball. Tonight is a game with 2 ranked teams and plenty at stake in terms of “the dance” implications

Seth and I interviewed the founder of ShotQuality a few weeks back. Here is that interview if you’re interested. Really insightful stuff.

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