shotgun offense is a weakness in short yardage

there is no doubt in my mind that we should have went for it on 4th and inches agianst THAT defense but to totally honest with you with us not going under center we are going to have a hard time on short yardage b/c they are going to jam the box and penetrate low and hard and when your QB is 4 yds deep and TB 7 yd back that gives them plenty of room to mess up any play.I would hope we work some under center and put Kelly in there to ge those type situations.

Why are you over exaggerating? People get stopped on qb sneaks on 4th and 1 all the time, I would argue that lining up in the shotgun gives you more of an advantage due to the fact that the defense cannot key in on what you are going to run (hand off, option, qb keeper, rpo, play action).

Main issue I saw was we were in spread formations late but the defense wasn’t respecting the spread, instead bunching in anticipating the run. We couldn’t take advantage of what they were giving.

Do we have a group of linemen that excels at run blocking but a different group that excels at pass protection? That appeared to be an issue in this game.

I do think that, in general, it is an advantage to have a QB take a direct snap from under center in short yardage situations. However, if you’ve been lining up in the gun all game long and then come out under center on 4th and 1, you remove all doubt about what you’re going to do and allow them to put all 11 in position to stop it.

I’d prefer us mixing in at least some QB under center plays throughout the game for just this reason. You can run a few play action plays out of it (i.e., giving the ball to the tailback some, and also faking the run and passing off of it), and still run most of the offense out of the gun. But then, if you come out under center on a critical short-yardage play, there is some element of uncertainty as to what play you will execute.

TBH, I really liked the offensive scheme that Bielema ran. That wasn’t the problem - it was the lack of success recruiting enough Frank Ragnow’s for the OL. But there was a lot of balance and explosiveness in that offense.

I understand that sentiment, but disagree. If you go under center, you don’t have to sneak. I would say it might even open a passing lane through play action. A run fake and throwing over the top would certainly catch a defense off-balance. Put that on video a time or two and teams would have to play straight up, therefore the sneak then becomes a real possibility.

I’m not exaggerating at all. Common Sense tells you that the closer you’ are to the line of scrimmage the better chance you have of getting behind a block very quickly rather than having to run three or four yards to get to the line of scrimmage where there may already be somebody there. Plus you can play fake raise up and hit a tight end over middle very quickly.

I’m not sure I undersand your point. After the portion you highlighted in your response to my post, I went on to say that IF we occasionally showed a combination of runs and play-action passes from under center, it would keep the defense from selling out to stop a QB sneak if we came out in that formation on a short-yardage situation. Which, I think, is the same point you were trying to make.

If, on the other hand, you were saying that having not come out in anything but the gun for 2 almost complete games, we had come out under center in that 4th and 1, I guarantee you every member of that defense would have known what was coming and there would have been 11 on 10 at the LOS. Now, we might have gotten the yardage anyway, but our track record in obvious short yardage situations has been dismal the last 2 years.

And if you REALLY want to see people flip out . . . if we had come out with Kelly under center on that 4th an 1, and then thrown a play-action pass that failed . . . :roll:

I think we were agree mostly. I think we need to occasionally, especially in short yardage, not be in the spread and get it on video that people would have to respect the run and pass. But you most definitely are right if that had been a failed pass by Kelley on that 4th and 1!!!