Shot chart for Rogers State exhibition

May have to zoom in a bit to get a good read on the numbers, but I like the 3s and dunks/layups shot makeup from last night:

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Well now we can complain that we don’t have a midrange game. :slight_smile:


Arkansas’ midrange game, if it has one this season, could be a lot of Nick Smith pull-ups, Anthony Black floaters and Jalen Graham runners/push shots.

Thanks, Scotty.

I was in the midst of trying to find something similar. Pinion took two threes that were not successful. Were these two misses successfully rebounded by the Razorbacks? Just curious.

I noticed the Free Throw percentage to be 54% which definitely will be an area for improvement against Texas. Also, it is remarkable that only two shots, both misses, were taken outside the free lanes.

One of Pinion’s misses from 3 was rebounded by Makhel Mitchell.

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It would’ve been worse except Pinion hit 3 out of 4. . I see a lot of nerves out there on the free throw line. It will improve but will be slow. Jordan Walsh was being very hard on himself on free throws. He needs to relax a bit and let the game come to him. He’s also go the potential to be a rebounding machine.

Edit: Jordan was 1 of 6 and Kamani was 3-6 everyone else was not bad at the free throw line.

At that percentage, we made more free throws than Rogers shot.

Walsh plays with such high energy, he seems almost like a coil ready to explode at times. He will need to improve his channeling of this energy to an asset where now with talent on this team he is going to be sitting a great deal. In the nip-tuck competitiveness of conference play, Muss cannot afford the risk of his miscues. His high side is every bit that of Black but too many times he steps on his own parade. Lets hope he finds the self discipline to play under control.

If you watch RC4’s highlights from WSU, he hit a bunch of shots in the lane just inside the free throw line … reminds me of Lenzie Howell tearing up opponents when they tried to zone the 1990 Final Four team



yeah we can thank Pinion for the 3% he was on fire and hopefully earned himself a lot more PT

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Aloha Scottie,
Personally thought Devo excelled in the mid-range.
Secondly, wouldn’t recognize this shot chart in the 1980s/1990s…
UA…Campus of Champions

Good points on Council and Devo. The bulk of their shots, I feel like, will come beyond the arc or at the rim, but midrange attempts will come, as well.

Midrange shots and 3 balls will definitely become more important as opponents start zoning more to limit the Hogs’ points in the paint (a/k/a dunk-a-thon)


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