Shot at momentous road win on horizon for Arkansas

Oh, dear God. That’s terrible to see.

I hope he has a quick recovery.

Bassey’s knee bent backwards coming down, for those who missed it. That has torn ligament all over it, possibly multiple ligaments.

Sills is up to 6 for 40 on the year.

Make that 7 for 41

I love watching us play defense. It’s just so clear that each of the players are holding each other accountable.

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This team is playing its heart out hopefully we can pull this off!

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Need a better in bounds play and plan there coach

Can you believe that crap! Guy just threw up that three-pointer and it was good.And we got fouled on the last shot but we didn’t get the call on the road.

Here we go. We want this win, and we still have a chance to get it.

you gotta like our chances with that O board and easy putback tho…but oh well. Hopefully we still have our legs for OT.

Yes whitt will hit that nine times out of 10

Man, very ragged play by the hogs righr now.

6 point lead w a minute left and we can’t in bounds the ball

Coach call a time out and get organized

Sloppy ball! Turnovers, fouls, just stupid.

Announcer was right…we’ve gift wrapped this game for WKU.

Muss should have called a time out, dumb to be so arrogant about always pushing. 4 on 5 sucks esp since whitt cannot finish right now.

@$__&@#$_ stupid TO by Harris!!well we had a chance to put this game away and we didn’t and we got what we deserve. I love how hard they play the we are so limited offensively it’s going to be tough to win a lot of these close games.

Fouling with a lead late in regulation and missed one free throw. They scored with clock stopped. Give it away! There’s Mason Jones!

6 point lead w a minute left and lose by 7
Guy is getting his shoe Call time out coach. This game was a win and the hogs gave it away

Too many sloppy passes and silly turnovers… not really surprised but disappointed we can’t seem to correct the silly turnovers