Shot at momentous road win on horizon for Arkansas

A win Saturday at Western Kentucky would mark the earliest in a season Arkansas has won two true road games since the 1994-95 season:

Not only that. We will be #25 in the next poll.

That 93/94 team was pretty salty, right? That last 9 win streak (actually it was 10) included two road wins in advance of the SEC part of the schedule. So, a win at WKU would be no small feat.

How we play at WKU might also give us some insight into how we might fare on the road in the SEC. What I like is we’ve played real tough D; WKU’s only seen real tough D from Louisville.

Western Kentucky are saying it will be an easy win for them as the Razorbacks have no size inside and they are struggling shooting right now

Personally I don’t think WKU is as good as SEC teams. It is a road game. That is the issue. Not that they are a good team.

I think GT was a better measure. I am glad GT PG missed that game. If he had, it would have really given us the best measure.

This game has a chance to get real ugly for us unless we’re hitting our 3’s…

And so far we are not…

Free throws It’s amazing how they can miss the front end of one and one

Mason Jones is just plain sloppy with the ball! Foul a player taking a 3 and he hits free throw and then turns the ball over on the other end.
Bailey misses a point blank shot earlier and of course some of those so called blocked shots by WKY they had plenty of body especially the block of Whitt’s shot.
These refs have let the double dribble go when WKY has done it twice. The hogs better start playing better or it will get ugly.

How about the call where we supposedly stepped out
of bounds. There was that very physical fowl over our guys back at the rim and no call. I can smell the home cooking 300 miles away.
Our missing layups and the front end of a couple of one and one attempts would amount to six more points. They already have the refs without us contributing to their cause.


, watching their big goes flying by us as we watch him dunk with the follow up.

Well this is no news flash, but we do have no size inside and we have been struggling with our shooting., but we are not easy meat by any means. Defense tends to travel and I think they Hogs will bring enough to play a close game. It will not be an easy win for W. Kentucky, but I do think, their inside game and home court advantage will eventually win out in a close tough fought game. I think very few teams will find the Hogs to be “easy” this year.

You aren’t going to get many calls on the road. Heck, we don’t get many calls at home either for that matter. Also, WKU is more talented than us. I like how scrappy we are but we aren’t a good shooting team and we are badly undersized. Never thought we would win this game (if we do it’s gravy) and figure we will be around .500 in conference and that will be a pretty solid coaching job. I like was Muss is doing and feel confident that his coaching paired with some size and better talent (assuming everyone who is committed signs) will make us relevant again starting next year. Any postseason we might get this year would just be a nice bonus.

I have no confidence in sills shooting 3’s…don’t like his release from that distance. I like his drive to to the hoop better and wish he would do more of it.

He should wait until next year and see if it is better by then. It is virtually like a turnover unless we manage to rebound his miss.

Bailey and Sills need to avoid the 3!
We need to catch a break.

and he just now drills one from deep, of course.

Man we are leaving a lot of points out there

Hope Mason gets going

Mason just needs to see 1 fall!
Desi may have made that 3 but he is doing it going to the hole!

Sills is 4 of 10 his last two games from deep. I’ll take that for the rest of the year.

Yep, 40% works, but his overall 3 avg is much worse…unless I’ve lost track.