Shorter fence

I didn’t realize until the first series that the fence in the right field corner was moved in some because of the construction. It sits at 312 feet this year, in from 320 in years past.

Braydon Webb’s home run in the first inning Saturday probably would have been off the top of the wall last season. It will be interesting to see how many homers sneak over this year.

Wow I didn’t notice that either 8 ft may very well make the difference in a few home runs. Hopefully just for us though!

I kind of like a short porch to right. Will help recruiting. I wonder if it will stay there after they are done. Wind blows in more times than not, so I don’t think a short fence in right is a problem. Matt Hobbs will probably say move it back a little further. Nate Thompson will just smile.

I suggest, after construction, that it be put on wheels. When we are batting, it is moved in, when the other team is batting, move it out. I don’t see a problem with that! :smiley:

I think shooting the wall a bit higher when the other team is batting is a good idea, too. Play William Tell Overture and raise the wall, kind of like the cheerleaders spring the Arkansas flag into action.


Old Mile High Stadium in Denver had the stands on one side of the field that could be moved hydraulically to make room for baseball. If they can do that, moving the outfield wall between innings should be a breeze :stuck_out_tongue:

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