Short-yardage question

I have read some NFL analysts who say the best way to convert those pesky third-and-1’s is to run a misdirection play; direct runs are more likely to get stuffed. In thinking back to what I’ve seen at both the college and pro levels in recent years, this seems to be correct. But I can’t recall whether we tend to go straight ahead or use misdirection in our short yardage plays; I’m more focused on the final result than how we got there. Can anyone help? If we’re using misdirection and still getting stuffed, then playcalling is less of an issue. If not, maybe some counters would help.

(One thing I have noticed is that we don’t have backs dive over the top. That was a Bill Burnett specialty nearly 50 years ago. Risky in the middle of the field, but useful on the goal line).

I’m also a big fan of throwing on first down when you have not shown the ability to punch it in.

…and Bobby Burnett before him.

Does AA have the ability/authorization to check out of a play if he sees 8 or 9 guys in the box?
TCU stacked them up and we continued to try and run between the tackles.

Yup. Misdirection also helps here; fake one way, bootleg the other and hopefully throw to a wide open TE who hasn’t run out of the back of the end zone.

I’m a big fan of throwing on first down 60-70% of the time for the whole game when the other guys put 11 defenders within 10 yards of the ball, unless you are playing Podunk Tech or trying to run the clock out.

I’m a big fan of doing that on second and third downs also (any time that they are overplaying to stop the run).

How about on 3rd and a yard or less just use the old quarterback sneak. Ragnow is reported to be one of the best centers in college football and Hjalte is strong as an ox. Tom Brady has made a living doing it for years in big games when everybody watching knew it was coming. Seems we get too complicated at times.

I watched 2 high school football games last night and all 4 QB’s had running plays. We certainly need that option in short yardage situations.

Dudley and Swine you are exactly right! I have saying for a long time that you can’t let the efense Attack your offense! and they do that when they know you are going to run the ball you can see all the weight on the LBs toes and they are leaning forward!

you have to get the defense to REACT to your offense play fake hit the hot route to the TE swing ot out to your RB ,roll one one way throw it back to your rb after he pass blocks etcc. we don’t have to OL to play bully ball!!!

Absolutely. Little surprised that you think he wouldn’t. This isn’t youth football.

Dudley, I’m not a football player or coach, but I’m a longtime fan, and like to think I know about football, but I understand the question. There are definitely times I’m screaming at AA (on my tv) to audible, and he runs the play right into the defense.
It’s almost like he doesn’t recognize a defensive lineup and how to adjust to it.

TCU had no trouble at all with short (or long) yardage situations against our great defense. They just plowed ahead for whatever they needed. Didn’t matter what type offense play they ran.