Short video of new strength coach!

dude is ripped! love this! Viloent! yes sirrrrrrr!!! I hired a good friend of mine last year about this time and lost 80 lbs and there was a lot of Ropes and Sled pushes and I’m here to tell you they will hurt Yo feelings!!!

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See how many transfer out come Monday…:crazy_face:

Im jokin’

I can almost hear Jamil now " You wanna play football or you wanna go home"?

Youdaman…brother, you lost 80lbs in a freakin year??? That is unreal and amazing man and congrats. I know you have got to feel a ton better on a daily basis.

Yeah I feel like a new person. Worked my butt off three times a day to do it but I’m glad I did it. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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