Short one player today

Any one heard if there was anyone left behind today?

I’ve seen the rumors that Notae is out.

It would have been tough to win even with him, so without him (if true) just makes it even tougher.

That is not good …at all

I don’t know. We might be surprised. JD is a good player but also has his drawbacks. He’s not flawless. We might see some better team play in his absence.


Nothing on Twitter about him out, that I can find. I could have missed it.

JD is officially out …hinted that there might be a couple more(chance Moore and Kimani Johnson not on the floor warming up)people not playing… Well it’s a long long season win or lose

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:+1:. Somebody needs to step up

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JD out it’s tough on our defense as well… Yeah we will definitely have to have several people step up… Toney and Umude are definitely capable…Lykes can go off for 25 on certain days… I expect Devo to be a lot more offensive minded

We sure need to play as a Team today.

I really hate rumors but there are lots of them out there saying the same thing.

This is not Covid related but due to certain players getting in to it with each other. I sure hope this is not true but if so we may be doomed this season.

Kind of makes sense listening to Muss bring up leadership in the locker room.

Or it could be the best thing that could happen. Clearly, this has not been a cohesive TEAM thus far this season. Maybe getting it all out in the open in the locker room, taking their discipline properly, just might bring this team together.

If that cannot happen, just maybe, less will prove to be more for the betterment of the TEAM.

Strangely, I actually feel a little better about this game now. This team really needed something to “shake it up”. I didn’t give us a decent chance of winning this road game the way we’ve been playing. Maybe this is what they needed.


This is my view too. I bet we play a good game and likely win.

Kamani Johnson has been indefinitely suspended from the program… might be something too some guys getting into it…

I love positive people but I just don’t see today being good. With JD we can’t throw it in the ocean most of the time. Without him it may get ugly quick.

covid-related it seems for 2 at least

grades with him is the rumor now floating about

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We hate to lose a kid for any reason but I sure hope it wasn’t for fighting

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