Shooting woes

This team CAN get to the rim. But the ball seems to fly out of their hands. It does not look like it’s a controlled shot. I am not even gonna discuss foul shooting.


Kentucky was the better team there and defensively.

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I was at Top Golf for my grandsons 10th birthday. I planned to watch it on DVR. Saw the score mid 2nd half. Won’t bother.

We have been a poor shooting team all year. Kentucky player had a career day but we lost this game with our poor mental approach as much as missed bunnies and free throws. Ever seen a ref change a call? Quit whining and play. They were just better today.

Kentucky was certainly better. Our guys just don’t shoot well. We missed short shots at the rim and many free throws. If those two types of shots were shot decently, we are in the game.

We don’t try to bank the ball off the backboard on short shots. That is dumb. Not using the glass on short shots requires way more touch.

Hopefully, next year we will have some good shooters.

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Agree – too many times it is not a controlled shot. Thus, flying out of their hands, getting blocked by the opponent’s big men or stolen. Undisciplined and without a lot of thought.

Let’s also admit the defense was poor with too many breakdowns allowing 2nd chance points and points in the paint. Hard game to watch but we may see them again.

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Free throws and lack of discipline on the floor.

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Clay, wish you would write about this team. They have been an enigma to say the least. A lot of us would like to hold to the Muss March Magic that has happened in the past. However, it is difficult to see this happening with this group at this point. The talent seems to be there. The willingness to play as a coachable unit, chemistry, consistently, free throws, injuries…etc? I would be interested in an opinion…

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Not having any reliable offense from the Twins has really hindered this team, AB can distribute the ball but they really seem reluctant to want it. I know Graham has some offense, but Kentucky would likely abuse him. Hard to win shooting 33% from the field and lose the rebounding battle like we did. What a different year from what we thought we would have. Luck was not on our side, but still hard to imagine we could have so many winnable games go by the wayside.

The on the court demeanor of this team is too emotional. I like their fire but they need to learn some composure.

They’re freshmen, including Devo-the eternal freshman.

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This team is very fragile and has never gelled. I think they like each other. They just don’t play well with each other. The bigs honestly are just not very talented. Injury took the most talented big out early in the season. I’m afraid our young guns have their eyes on the big prize. Who could blame them? That’s all they hear.


But you see freshmen all over the place who maintain some composure. I think some of it is seeing how Muss reacts to thing. I love his fire and there were many times I wish CMA showed more fire but Coach needs to draw a line in the sand on this kind of stuff. If it didn’t impact winning, I could care less. But it does.

It’s not muss. Cal acts worse than him. It could be upperclassman who are supposed to be leaders but get ejected. I don’t know.

Muss, not Muss, doesn’t really matter to me. I think he just needs to draw a line a won’t be tolerated.

I’ve never coached basketball. I have coached baseball. The message was always “you let me worry about the umpires. I won’t tolerate tantrums and you’ll find yourself on the bench.”

I’ve seen a lot of tantrums this year.

Do you watch other teams? I see it all over. And the NBA is the absolute worse.

Exactly, a player who has been around as long as Devo shouldn’t let himself get in the position to be ejected. That’s not a team player.

Goodness. I love when people use the “well, everyone else is doing it.” First, none of these guys are in the NBA yet and they certainly don’t play like lottery picks. Second, this isn’t the NBA. It’s college. I hate NBA ball for many reasons. Their antics are one of them. Doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.

I’ll use CDVH vs. Vitello as an example. Occasionally, it has happened on the Razorbacks but you can tell it’s not something he puts up with. Tennessee on the other hand…

If you’re fine with it that’s cool. I’m not. We can both have our opinions about it.

I’m just saying its not the issue. I don’t like it either. Going DVH style won’t fix the problems.