Shooting woes

I wonder where this team ranks in the Muss career for poor shooting? These guys obviously think the are good shooters but clearly are not. They have had success in their careers shooting so maybe that’s why they think they are good at it. But they are bricking open looks.
We had a lot of good open looks again today but just smooth miss them. We seem to make contested looks better than open looks.

Again we hit a few open looks today and we run these guys. It’s crazy. They are pretty solid and good at getting good looks though.

I think 3 things have been key to it:

  1. Lykes has not been what they expected and has really struggled:

  2. Umude has been hit or miss.

  3. JD hasn’t shot as well as expected (although part of that is due to workload and also having so much asked of him).

We miss so many point blank shots today it’s really kind of hard to figure out how you do that. We’ve had games where we missed several right around the basket. I’m sure we will probably work on that much harder going forward because you cannot afford to miss 10 shots at least within a foot or two of the basket three of them within about 6 in

Toney had a lot of contested put back attempts under the basket and refs allowed it to be really physical which favored Alabama. Seems like when you go on the road you get a lot of home cooking from the refs. Notae should have passed the ball on that last shot. It looked like Jaylin was wide open at the top of the lane, Notae looked like he had about three guys on him. There are times when I think Muss should call timeout before shot attempts like these just to set up the play and tell them to pass and share the ball. Really feel if this game was at home we would have shot more free throws.

I know I keep saying it, but I truly believe these guys are capable shooters from deep from mid and around the bucket. Especially from 3. But it’s just not happening. The offense is getting the looks but man it’s so frustrating. I know they have to be frustrated themselves. They are doing a lot of good things on defense and on the boards, even effort is really high, buy in is great.

I’m not saying they are some 47-50% 3 shooting team, but I am saying they are waaaay yonder better than they are producing. When it starts falling, and we still have a lot of basketball left to play, they are going to be super tough. These games won’t be this hard. Their game life will be a whole lot easier.

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College basketball is ugly. Bad, bad shooting by all teams. Not a lot of flow, and poor officiating. These days, I only enjoy watching the Razorbacks. I don’t watch college basketball with other teams playing just for the interest or beauty of the game. Because it is not beautiful. Again, it’s ugly, and frankly hard to watch.

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Which ones do you think are good shooters who aren’t shooting well?

Well, I think we have 2 guys in the top 50. One of those barely.

I agree with you gas muss says we knock them down all the time in practice it’s just a matter of getting some confidence the goal is to play your best at the very end hopefully that’s what’s going to happen with us

I think you saw him play the better shooters for a bit. He’s gone with the better defenders. I think that’s obvious. I thought Alabama’s defense was solid, especially if you get to grab and hip check on every drive or rebound put-back attempt. Defense and rebounding is the priority after watching them give up in the 80s while losing 4 of 5.

That seems like an over simplification but it’s absolutely what Musselman has done and the improved defense has been at the heart of the winning streak.

One final thought on the shooting, getting good shots helps the shooting. I’m not sure all of the shots were good shots that Arkansas was taking while falling behind. I thought Alabama got better shots today. Not saying they got great shots. But you can’t settle for an OK shot if you are not Pat Bradley or Scotty Thurman. You have to get your shot and your percentage will go up.

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I totally agree and Jay will has made several clutch shots for us lately.

This is a graphic with shooting percentages for Musselman’s college teams. The top two figures are this season then flow down to his first year at Nevada:

They can help themselves with higher percentage shot selection & better decision making. JWill is taking too many now.

JWill is not taking too many. He’s not taking enough quality shots. If you add “bad” to your sentence, I’d agree with you.


Agree with you! I should have been clearer. He’s taking too many 3 pt shots right now.

JWill’s 3 pt shot attempts are good looks with defenders backing off. He has to shoot those. In fact he still passes on a few. But he is getting more and more confident out there and it shows. Has a nice stroke from 3.

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I would be fine if he shot it every time he had his feet set from 3.


We had 14 more fg attempts and 7 more ft attempts…and lost by 1.

That doesn’t mean all 14 of those shots were good shots. Some were downright awful. If we convert our bunnies and FT’s, we win.

We missed at least 14 good shots from 10-12 feet out to right under the basket. Most of the 3’s we took were good looks. (I said most)