Shooting stat

Not that I am complaining about Nick Smith tonight, he was 6-14 from the field tonight. If you take that out, the rest of the team was 31-45 or 68.9%. That’s pretty salty, even against a less than stellar opponent! And we got to get a peek at what Nick can bring us in the future.


I was surprised Nick played 24 minutes after just 6 earlier in the week. I’ve been waiting for him to play; but was thinking he might be another week away. But, he looked very good today; smooth. You could tell he was still a bit gimpy; not really trying to jump, but he exuded confidence.

I was also impressed with Pinion, Ford and Dunning in their few minutes. They look like Razorbacks.

The 3/5 from 3 really helps loosen up driving lanes to the hole. When the hogs went small with TB at the 5 that really spread out the floor. The hogs can make 3’s in the catch and shoot variety. That’s what they did today.

And don’t forget Arbogast, who showed a really nice stroke on that 3 ball!

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NSJ is SO fast and SO smooth, really a beautiful yet quick shot.

But my favorite part of his game is watching his feet when he’s an on-ball defender. SOOOOO quick, looks like Alex Collins did. man, what a fun game to watch, just love this group of players, they so clearly love playing together.



Just going off memory, but I didn’t have a problem with any of NSJ’s shots. He helped break down SJSU’s zone both from 3 and in the midrange. His runners and floaters in the soft spots of the zone are great looks, even if they’re not dropping at a high rate right now.


14 assists from Nick, AB and Devo made for some good looks by several tonight.



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