Shooting next year

Seems like our biggest potential weakness (recognize we might add more shooting in the portal). Best 3 point shooters seem likely to be Jaxson Robinson (assuming he stays) and Pinion. KK (assuming he stays) was also very good 3 point shooter in high school and has a great looking stroke.

? will be how much PT those guys can get based on defense. Muss has consistently shown he will choose defense over shooting in awarding PT.

yeah I asked about 3 pt shooting coming in the other day and it doesn’t look to promising outside of Pinion.Smith and Walsh have good looking shots but not high % on 3’ we will see.

I guarantee it will work itself out, Billy. Muss knows what he needs, and it looks like he is going for the jugular. Nobody has recruited here like this since Coach Richardson.

Some tough conversations are gonna happen. KK and Jaxson have sweet strokes, but is it enough to keep them? Kamani has had issues off the court, and basically isn’t an offensive threat. What is his status going forward? If CV stays, how would he and his family feel about him being a walk-on if Muss needs the scholarship? What are JD and Toney gonna do?

Glad it’s Muss making these calls and not me, but it sure looks like he’s shoving all his chips into the pot to win a natty.

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IMO that’s how Mike T has thought since the early 90’s. Bring it on baby!!

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Mike T?

Mike Tucker, me, 339

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For those players sitting on the bench I think them all for helping this season in practice and getting the starters prepared for games! If they couldn’t see the PT this season they know what they need to improve and work on. The ball is in their court each one of those guys to improve!
PT will be earned! Nothing is given but a fair chance to compete for PT!
I’m also glad Muss is marking the decisions. He sure is getting the players to fill the needs and fix weaknesses last seasons team had.
3 point shooting and shooting in general was a problem. It shouldn’t be moving forward.

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