Shooting guard appreciates Musselman's style

Richard, is he any relation to McDonalds AA Michael Lloyd, who had signed with Nolan but could not enroll here because of SEC academic standards and enrolled at Syracuse instead?

Pete Davis on Muss’ dad.

Not aware but will check.

No relation.

Sounds very promising! As a 6’ 6" guard, he indeed fits the mold for Muss.

Kareem Reid’s son, mentioned in your article about being coached by Lloyd up until AAU ball. How old is he now? And are we in touch?

Sr. coached Jr. Sorry if that’s confusing.

No, it was my mistake. Your previous paragraph was about Sr. It just ended with Kareem’s name, so I carried that name to the next paragraph. My bad.

I did get to catch up a bit with Kareem as I was surfing for info about his “son”. I found an article that said he was in Fayetteville, coaching at Har-Ber.

I found it interesting that his goal now is to get some coaching experience and be able to join Mike at St Johns in some capacity. That would let him return to his home! I loved to watch Kareem play - what a baller. I hope his dream can come true.

Here’s a link to the article. It’s a joint article about Ronnie Brewer and Kareem. The article is actually on Hogville. I found it surfing google for the whereabouts of Kareem now.

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Ramel’s virtual visit will be at 1:15 central time on Tuesday.

at 6’ 6" ?

The elder Lloyd, a New York City native, played against and is good friends with former Razorback point guard Kareem Reid.

You would have to go back to Richard’s original article and read 2 paragraphs that I misinterpreted as a reference to an unnamed Kareem Reid’s son.

From Richard’s June article:

"The elder Lloyd, a New York City native, played against and is good friends with former Razorback point guard Kareem Reid.

He coached his son in youth basketball up to AAU." …

I interpreted that “son” to be Kareem’s, not Lloyd’s son, the 6’ 6" guard the article is about.

My family loves Kareem Reid. He coached my great niece in AAU ball for a couple of years. We were able to visit with him a couple of times. What a great guy. My great niece (upon advice from Mike Neighbors) moved to Woodz Elite team for better competition. Kareem totally understood and supported the move. Then in May of 2019 my niece (mom of the great niece) lost her battle with breast cancer. Kareem and his fiancée were at the funeral and both gave us big hugs with tears in their eyes telling us how much they loved my niece. I’m a huge fan of Kareem. The man and the coach.