Shooting from distance

On interesting ? for CEM and or Joe or Jones-rather have a contested 23 footer or a open 28 footer? Interesting to know what the analytics say about that. One thing that seems to be happening on the NBA and noticed it with us as well is more really long 3 attempts, trading a longer shot for more space. . Joe’s transition 3 against IU must have been 30 feet.

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For Joe I want the longer shot, until he adds driving to the basket to his game. For Jones I prefer he be closer as he can go to the hole. Making 30 footers is not high percentage for most.

I plan on asking whoever we talk with today about Isaiah’s deep range. I finally watched the entire Indiana game and was blown away by the long 3s and how Joe made them look effortless. After he went off against FIU last season, I called his high school coach (who I worked with during my first job out of college) and he told me he gave Isaiah the green light inside halfcourt as a sophomore.

Joe has Al Dillard range! Dillard was in range when he stepped into the front court.


That’s a blast from the past! AD was instant offense.


I saw on Twitter today a comment that Texas A&M Coach Buzz Williams made in previewing our game on Saturday. If I remember it correctly, he said that the Hogs have made 37% of all the threes we have taken this year from 25+ feet out.

That’s pretty amazing.

Scottie, I know you’ve kept some data on where, at the 3 point line, corner, 3/4 sideline, and top of the key percentages. In the college game, all 3 of those spots are the same distance, but it seems to me (no data) that our lowest % would be the corners. I believe, before this year’s moving back the 3, the corners were the best percentage. If that is true, do you think it may be the closer to the out of bounds line that is causing that psychologically? Thinking about where you are standing instead of just relaxing and shooting?

I’m, pretty sure the corner 3 in the pros is the best percentage 3 point shot, but that makes sense because it’s the shortest 3 point shot. Corner shot is even a couple inches shorter than the college line.

Edit: Oops, sorry, I just now saw your Dec shot chart. Sorry. Clearly, that is definitely the case with Joe, Harris, and Jones regarding the corners. Desi, however is great from the corners, especially the right corner. I sure thought I remembered Joe and Jones being great from the corners last year. This year they are both just bad from the corners. Jones has been fantastic from the top of the key. That has got to be our “on the road, down 2, end of the game 3 point shot”!

By looking at the Dec shot chart I hope the only player we have that continues to take the corner 3 is Desi! Joe and Jones are good up top and the wing.
Also by looking at the shot chart just imagine how great it would be be if Joe could match Jones inside the paint taking the pumpkin to the hole!

Everyone always talks about Dillard’s range. It was incredible. No disputing that.

There was one more former Hog that had incredible range: Marvin Delph. The man they called The Dipper in Conway could launch it from 30 with incredible ease. His shooting motion was a sling shot that took the ball above his head. It was such an easy release from 30 to 35 feet that it would blow your mind. I saw him make shots from halfcourt over and over with his normal release. I wrote a column about that last year.

Scotty Thurman could put on a show with rainbows, too. He had big-time arc on his shots. They sometimes seemed like they were falling from the rafters. He had two incredible games early in his freshman season, at Arizona and at Missouri. It was about that time that I sat at a practice and watched Scotty make about 40 threes in a row. Nolan walked over to me and said, “You see why he has the green light?” Yes, coach, incredible.

Dillard could shoot from deep with either hand. I’ve never seen anyone do that. His shot looked the same from either side. In his practice shooting games with himself, he’d switch hands after he got tired with the other. It was quite the show.

I know Scotty Thurman, Pat Bradley and Rotnei Clark could put on a show, too. But watching Delph and Dillard were my favorites.

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Yes, Joe’s 15-18 ft shot and his “finishing at the rim” may be what brings him back for his junior season. Jones is making an incredible 63.6% of his inside the arc shots, while Joe is only at 43.2%. They are the same 34.4% on 3s. Joe just shoots twice as many 3s, which is what CEM wants. Early in the year, Jones was taking quite a few 12-16 foot jumpers instead of seeking contact at the rim. In SEC play, Jones is not going to get all the foul calls when he drives to the rim seeking contact. I hope he gets back to pulling up and hitting those 12-16 ft shots again when he’s not getting the calls.

Not any more. With the new arc, a trey from the top of the key is 22-1.75, while a corner three is 21-7.88. About six inches difference. If they hadn’t shaved those six inches off in the corners, a lot more people would be stepping out of bounds before throwing up a shot. As it is, there is 40 inches between the arc and the sideline in the corner.

I remember when Dillard would shoot from the Hog snout. Of course, back then the snout was a lot further away from the basket than it is today. He was something special to watch.

Opponents don’t expect Dillard to put up a shot that far out but he showed them! I always enjoyed watching Dillard when he came in a game.