Shooting, especially Free Throws


Well, we most definitely need to improve our shooting. Most especially our free throw shooting. Nothing more upsetting than watching the front end of one-and-ones clang off the rim. Don’t know if its fatigue setting in mid-season, lack of concentration/focus or something else. But it most definitely needs to improve for the Hogs to be competitive and win.


There will be more options next season! Whitt, and Bailey aren’t good free throw shooters! Another game where FT’s and 3’s failed to fall.
Also we need a true point guard that can score.

Didn’t get enough free throw chances in the first 30 minutes of the game. You get free throws by playing aggressively to the basket. They did that in the last 10 minutes because MSU played the 3-point line decently. And, they knew they had big guys to protect the rim. Whitt and Bailey are not great foul shooters. Whitt does go in good streaks, but that form is less than ideal.

Team free throw shooting percentage is always a product of who goes to the free throw line. When some were raving about how well this team shot free throws compared to last year’s team, I had mentioned that early in the year, it was mostly guards that were shooting free throws. In fact free throw percentage early in this year was almost identical to last year’s if you took Gafford out of last year’s number. Last year’s team shot 66% including Gafford and 73% without Gafford.

It’s pretty simple if you paid a lot of attention Sills and Jones took the ball into the lane at the basket and were fouled with no calls. So even when we were aggressive they don’t get to the line. Jones fakes his defender from 3 and instead of trying to draw the foul he drove to the hole.
There’s a lot of holes in this team.
1 no true point guard that creates for others, no inside rim protector and too many poor free throw shooters. This season we know what the hogs need to do to win and when the 3 don’t fall we will struggle. There’s one thing for sure they fight hard and give it their all! That’s all we can expect of them. They have not been blown out either!

The best thing I ever heard a coach say about free throw shooting was the more you talk about it the worse they shoot. Good shooters will shoot well at the free throw line. Poor shooters won’t. So if a good shooter has a bad game at the line, the worst thing a coach can do is start blocking off more practice time and get those good shooters to start thinking about it. They are good shooters because they don’t think. They get a shot they react to the opportunity and take it. When you see a good shooter struggle, he is not reacting, he is thinking things like :I’ve got to start making them and his mind is cluttered.

Poor shooters have to work differently to try to get better. But by the time a player gets to college, If he can’t shoot he can’t get much better. I’ve seen a lot of close games lost where the worst free throw shooter has the ball and is fouled. He misses the free throws and it is like a turnover. A big man that can shoot free throws is worth his weight in gold. You will win most close games at the end with one of those. But Gafford, as good as he was, was not a good option at the end of the game. They could just foul him. I agree. Team free throw percentage is determined by which players are shooting them.
If everyone will stop talking about it, the good shooters will stop thinking and just start shooting.
As good as Joe is at shooting the 3, he is evidently pressing right now. I hope the coach is telling him, and I bet he is, that you are a great shooter just keep shooting. Stop thinking about it.

Bailey has been throwing up scud missles! he hasn’t even been close the last 6-7 he’s shot after starting the season off better…Hopefully he/others can get better.

Like some have said, gotta get the right guys to the line. Going on road often means the other guys shoot more free throws. That happened at Starkville. Of course, some of it was fouling to stop clock and extend the game.

Its strange but it seems like Bailey’s entire career has started like this. Starts off strong but starts to fade about mid way. His free throw shooting the last two games has killed us. If you watch him close at the line he arches his back backwards right before his release. When he stands tall he usually makes them.

When things aren’t going the right way, some players will revert back to old habits because its comfortable. As a senior you would hope he could fight through that.

Yes, Bailey started off hot last year as well. He was making jump shots as well. But then he faded as season went on. He maybe spending too much energy on each play. Players who have consistent performances know when to take a breather during a game.

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Money$Perry was the difference. I wish nothing good for this lying cheater.

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Bailey’s missed FTs did not lose the game. One need only glance at the stats for Joe and Sills to see where the difference between winning and losing lies.
Bailey has a SFs body that’s playing Center. He’s going to wear down. The crime is not having (or using) other bigs on the roster.
Look…this team is who I thought they were. A bunch of scrappers with heart.
We should have known that SEC play would expose their weaknesses. There are too many SEC teams with quick guards, long, athletic wing types and long and/or athletic bigs. Most have all three. This is kryptonite to these Hogs.
Back to Joe…Mason Jones is a lot less athletic, less quick and doesn’t have a great handle. The difference in the two is Jones is crafty, stronger and can dribble more than a couple times without losing the ball. Joe doesn’t dribble with any intention of getting inside of the paint. If his initial couple of dribbles doesn’t free him up to shoot, he’s at a loss. He has to develop more than his weak “one-two dribble” move that rarely shakes his SEC defender.
He also needs to get stronger. Add to that the heavy minutes he’s playing and his flaws are being exposed. He’ll have a break out game or two but until he gets stronger, becomes a scorer in addition to be a spot up shooter and gets better handles, he’s not going to be a reliable scorer in conference play. Having said all that, having an inside player who is at least a threat to score would be a great help to him and Jones. It would probably hurt Whitt tho.

When you miss the front end of a one and one and the other teams goes down and scores thats a 4 to 5 point swing. When you lose by single digits it could be Elmer Fudd missing them and it still hurts.

Joe hits 3 more 3’s and we hit 75% from the line we win last night. We lose 77-70 and shoot 4-20 from three for 20% and 6-11 from the line for 54%. State shot 31 free throws compared to our 11. That is the game right there! 27 of there points were from the line.

This is a carbon copy of what has happened to the hogs on the road in the SEC for years with the difference on free throw attempts by the home town. Nothing new! But there is a huge difference from the past. The hogs are not getting blown out. They fight tooth and nail to the end of every game.
Look at the women’s team and you may notice the changes CMN has made since his first season. The same changes will take place to our hogs men’s team. Be patient and don’t jump off the ledge!
Our hogs are in good shape.

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Life on the road is that you shoot fewer free throws. I would argue that Isaiah Joe has put it on the floor and gotten to the basket more frequently than in the past. He in fact did do that in crunch time at LSU when they cleared the left side. He’ll make another jump with the dribble drive next season, too. He’s not Sidney Moncrief in the way he plays, but he’s making the same improvement in his weaknesses that Sidney did every year he played. Sidney was not a good foul shooter as a freshmen, but he was a great foul shooter by his senior season. He worked at it because that’s what he does. Joe is a workaholic, too. You don’t become a great shooter because it’s just your gift. He developed it with long hours in the gym. This coaching staff will help him improve his dribble drive because they are into development and will help him in the offseason. I see him continue to add to his game. For example, he had seven rebounds last night against MSU. That’s fantastic effort. He is a much better defender this year. That’s effort. He will figure out the dribble drive, too.

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Now our women’s team can’t shoot. What in the heck is going on at the UA campus???


We can’t control who we play. The difference was Joe didn’t shoot his average. He does that, Perry doesn’t matter.

The free throws are misleading. We had a ton of points in the paint. We weren’t fouled. We were in the paint a lot. Had we been fouled, and shot well that the line, the score would have been the same, just more more points from the line than the paint. The difference was 4-20 on threes. Muss has repeatedly said we need 11. 11. The games we’ve lost we been around 5. That’s the stat to watch.

Great observation and analysis.

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