Shoot Around

Was there a problem with our shoot around in Tuscaloosa last night?

Have not heard anything… Have you heard something that might be related to it?

Noise on Twitter; probably BS, that we were restricted somewhat.

Heard the announcers talk about Bama’s shoot around at 8 or so in morning. Don’t recall them saying anything about AR having a shoot around.

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I think I remember Zimmerman saying in his pre-game video that the team did not shoot in the arena last night because of an Alabama gymnastics meet.

Yup, Bama vs. Georgia last night in gymnastics. Shootaround would get in the way of the vault and floor exercise.

This is true. Jan and I were among 11,000 or so fans watching Alabama whip Georgia in gymnastics. So the only chance to shoot around in Coleman would have been early this morning.

Sounds like we should move the Gym Backs over to The Bud, on the nights before a home game, so our opposition has to deal with the same BS we just dealt with.

I can’t ever remember a time when we didn’t have a shootaround in the arena the night before a road game…especially a game in the crappy 11AM slot. I guarantee Muss was livid, and with good reason.

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why couldn’t we have our shoot around just after Bama this morning? Getting familar with Coleman hoops two hours before the game should have helped us.

Well that’s just ridiculous all the way around… that’s exactly right,we should have played tonight!!

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That’s not how it works, Fred. Usually, when you are playing an early morning road game, you do your walk thru in the gym the night before the game. If Bama had given us time to shoot this morning, when would it have been? They were shooting at 8AM. How much time did that leave us for an 11AM tip with breakfast, tape, etc.? Bottom line, the SEC screwed us with the whole set up. I’m glad Zimmerman said something about it. Would we have won, who knows, but Muss didn’t get his normal prep in, and that is straight up BS. This should have been a night game. Period.

Think about this: Bama is not the only school who shares their gym with lady gymnastics who have meets the night before. Visiting schools across the country face this same issue, so I find it hard to believe we were surprised and not prepared for an alternative. This issue should not be new–and we should not have been surprised and should reasonably been able to work around it.

You and I, on the other hand, haven’t seen this issue (I guess) and are surprised by it and think it’s an unreasonable deal. But it shouldn’t be.

It could have been avoided by playing the game tonite, so both teams had a chance for a true walk thru and shootaround. That’s on the SEC. I don’t blame Bama, and I love gymnastics.

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I agree these are things that should have been known ahead of time. If we knew about the Gymnastics meet and when it started. How time it takes to prepare for it.

Now I would be pissed if didn’t find out about the meet until Friday. Although that seems unlikely I wouldn’t be surprised either.

My point is the SEC didn’t have to make us play a morning road game with short prep. They would have never done this to Kentucky.

Yea got that Jeremy. Who made that call SEC or ESPN since they own SECN?

No clue, but it sucks nonetheless…just like it did with all the 11AM football starts.

Well I guess we haven’t earned enough stripes in either sport yet to demand later games.

Bama certainly has in football but not basketball I guess. Heck maybe demanded the morning tho.

And ain’t that a shame? ESPN milked our Auburn game ( and $250k fine) for all it was worth. They could’ve switched this game to prime time. Hell, most of the talent is working from home these days.

They dang sure boasted about the TV ratings the AR- Aub game brought in.
Don’t recall a thank you for either team from ESPN.