Shoe contract note

Just had a thought. With lots of season-long exposure for two nationally ranked basketball teams, and now an Elite Eight run in the Dance, might get us a little more interest/money from Nike or whoever might want to snag us for the next contract.

Having the best social media promoter in college basketball as head coach won’t hurt either.

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I don’t care about the shoe contract. It’s the Pepsi contract that the UA has that I want changed to Coke. Boo Pepsi… :wink:


Bolden has struggled throwing strikes lately.

I think you intended this on the UCA game thread :smiley:

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Yep. Doing two boards at once. Opps.



They should call this at 7…

Here I go again. Getting sleepy. And old.

I prefer Royal Crown

Only with Moon Pies, Fred.

Nope. Little Debbies…

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Nah. Coke with Little Debbies. RC with Moon Pies. It’s a Southern law.

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Moon Pies are also made here in Chattanooga. Good folks there too.

I’ve had my share of both.

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R C with salted planters peanuts mixed in.

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Nah, I buy RCs bottles by the case and just take a few sips each nite. Helps digestion but won’t eat thru nails like Coke. No moon pies or lil Debbie’s

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Talk about a hijacked thread. :laughing:

Used to RC w/salted planters a great combo but now if I even drank a soda Pepsi or Fanta orange. Things change as you get older. lol

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