Shocking That Morgan...

Started this collapse.
I agree second quarter play calling was weak at best. But the Morgan fumbles sucked the life out of the team and now the secondary does its thing.

Trying to be a hero turned him into a goat

when he missed the block, whiffed? more appropriately on the WR screen to D Reed. REALLy cut our momentum off totally. Ditto McFAin at Mizzou missing the FG. Both looked innocent because of our big lead, but just like a little drip of water it was an ominous sign. People watching with me laughed when I said that could be a game breaker on both. Of course I have no reason to believe in this staff or this team of players. They don’t feel like Razorbacks we expect if you lived thru the years when we were a national force to be reckoned with but embraced our usual underdog status and ran with it. My daughter was brave enough to wear an Austin Allen jersey to her school the Monday after Aubbie, so I bit my lip and kicked myself for my negative countenance. Even that kid gave up tonight. Karma Jen.

Anyone remember the same crew folding at Aubbie??? same guys, same plays, same calls all over. I switched to watching hockey on the 2nd VT touchdown. Anyone know what got Drew kicked out??

Absolutely the worst and strangest reffing crew that I have ever seen both for and against us.

Not a good bowl outing for NWA starters: Morgan was atrocious in second half and blew his cool getting tossed for spitting at a player. Allen-3 picks on our end of field accounted for 21 easy Va Tech points. Brooks Ellis: couldn’t cover anyone and a bad horse collar penalty. O-Line got exposed in 2nd half and d-line got tired, but NWA players’ mistakes led directly to all 5 Virginia Tech scores and cost Arkansas a chance to score when Morgan fumbled through the end zone. Bad night for FHS and Greenwood alumni.