I am on the road in Montana on my way to Yellow Stone. We had dinner last night at a restaurant, I checked the score it was 20-9, no worry things are under control. At the hotel, my wife playing with her computer, squills loud, I hate to tell you AR lost. No, you must be looking at AR State. Look again; I tell you AR lost.
I guess I am not the only one shocked, but the rest of the State as well. We knew we had to replace QB. Rebuild Offensive line, then injuries and shifting around. For the most part, we are playing the same defensive line and inexperience in secondary. With more talented redshirts filling many positions, I thought we’ll be a better team than last year. We may still be given time. But at this time, it appears we be lucky to win one SEC game and sky is falling. The truth of the matter is that Coach Morris is going to have to recruit better talent and built a team of SEC caliber. Our days are coming if we can bear with it.

Good QB play and it’s a run away. That was my major concern going into the season. I said good QB play and they could win at least six. That looks highly unlikely right now.

Richard, I know we have very poor overall talent and terrible quarterback play, but Chad needs to go and get Kendall Briles at the end of the year to be the offensive Coordinator as he is a great offensive mind and runs a great offense. You saw what he did for Kiffen last year and he killed Arizona last week.

After only two games?

Chad Morris is Kendall Briles. Times about ten and without the sleaze factor. Give the man some time. Anyone paying attention could tell he hasn’t thought much of this team. As soon as he plays one of the freshmen QBs things will improve, IMO. He’s got to do that. Find out who the gamers are.