Shiloh Christian LB commits to Arkansas

Sorry for delay in posting. Had the story ready to go but had a glitch. He was offered at 2:30 and committed at 6:30 and went public after getting the graphic.


How many LBs will Arkansas be bringing in this class RD?

Why did he wait so long to Commit? My gosh - 4 hrs. I think he must want to be a Hog.

Welcome, young man!

He obviously didn’t want it bad enough.


I think they would take Jaron Willis regardless how many LB commitments they have.

Now this is a Razorback all the way. Welcome home Kaden!

I try to start by trusting the Coaching staff in these decisions, especially when this early in the recruiting process. If they thought he was a reach, they most likely would not allow the commitment this early. All this said, it seems we have some reason to be optimistic about hard-nosed, in-state football players. I know not all have been major contributors, but a decent number have. Welcome aboard, Kaden.

He had to let the dumbbells down before he could get back on the phone to commit.

No mention of his speed but I like his size and strength (that will increase to), that will go a long way fighting off SEC blockers.

He reads and reacts very well. I am a little concerned about his speed. His dad is a coach and Kaden is always prepared on Friday nights. I would be shocked if his team doesn’t repeat as State Champs in 2021. His decision making is really good.

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