Shift in college football arms race.....

Is the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville keeping up? Is it trying to hire an army of analysts? I have a feeling the answer is “no.”


Why ‘arms race’ in college football is shifting from facilities to staff, leading UT’s Herman to seek an ‘army’ of analysts … y-analysts

It kind of depends on how big of an army you want, and how much/what kind of analysis a given guy is doing in addition to other duties. In addition to the regular coaching staff, we have three “quality control” guys, one each for offense, defense and special teams. There are four grad assistants in addition to the regular coaching staff. We have departments within the program devoted to recruiting and video(which of course is a whole lot more than pointing cameras and storing footage on computers).

BB early in his time here talked at some length about number crunching and analysis, but he has not said much the last few years. I suspect it is still going on, he just is keeping his mouth shut about it. I could see them hiring a couple of more guys to do some more geeky type analysis. If they do my guess would be that they would hire somebody to run it as a department, just as has been done with other facets of the program.

From time to time I think he’s also brought in others in the coaching community to watch practice and consult a little bit. That’s also kept pretty quiet most of the time.

I don’t see a lack of technical sophistication or unwillingness to try new tech/methods as one of our weaknesses.

CBB is big on Analytics and has talked about it for a few years now. He also brought in the Virtual Reality system which isn’t on very many campuses.

I do know the football “support staff” grows by several every year. That’s where those analysts typically fall.

Bama started it all.