Shewmake from TAm #21 pick to Braves

I really like him I’m a little surprised he went this high but he’s a very pure hitter and showed a good glove at SS

Cal’s catcher was the last pick in the first round. had him as a late 3rd-early 4th guy, so either the Astros thought a lot more of him than that or wanted to save some money to sign somebody else. Last first-round pick would normally get $2.26 million.

And of course that leaves Cal’s weekend scorecard: First round picks 2, wins at Baum-Walker 0.

Ethan Small of the Leghumpers went to the Brewers as the 28th pick. About $2.5 mill there. has Zay as the #45 prospect, right behind Doxakis of TAM, so based on that he should be taken fairly quickly. But as the Cal guy shows, they don’t always go by rankings.

Two Misery players taken in the CBA round: Misner to the Marlins and Sikkema to the Yankees.

Once again: CBA picks 2, wins in Baum-Walker 0.