she's making it sound like

she’s the one who will search, locate, offer and hire the next HC. lol
I should amend…lol - if the coach has not already been offered the job, and firing Long was just because he was doing a poor job as AD.

she probably is going to be the one…and possiblily the full time ad if the truth be known…if the powers that be deem so

I tend to not believe the comment that too coaches across the country are wanting this gig. Maybe an up and comer. Let’s hope she has a ace in the whole. :smiley:

She handled that’s very well IMO. Sounded like the real AD.

“To hire a coach, you only need an AD, WE HAVE one.” That line, wow. Impressed by her.

This. I was impressed as well. I loved that line. Good for her. If not here, he will make someone a good ad one day.

then she also pointed out that while she would be focused on hiring a coach, the chancellor is focused on hiring an AD.

sounds to me like the next coach is a done deal

Agree on the done deal. She would not be given the enormous responsibility of selecting the new coach in an interim position. If she is handling the hiring, then the hard work of selection has already been done.

When she said she would not be using a committee, but would consider her 20 years worth of connections to assist her in finding a new HC, that doesn’t sound like a deal has been done. I suspect you are right, but still wonder why she felt compelled to pretend (if it was pretense) that she is going to by gawd do her job and find us a new football coach.

She said the decision to fire CBB didn’t occur until the end of the game today, that they were evaluating him up until the end of today’s game. I simply do not believe that. I just don’t believe had we won the game we’d have kept CBB.

Regardless, I thought she acquitted herself well. I also have a different view about the way they handled the firing after hearing her. My initial reaction was that it was done with no class. However, she explained she wanted him to have the chance to tell the team himself & to say his goodbyes before they all left for the weekend when they’d hear it from other means. That makes sense to me.

As to the coaching search, I don’t believe she’s going to make the call on the new search. I’m sure she’ll be the nominal decision maker & I’m sure if the new coach isn’t a done deal (or it’s not narrowed down to one or two), she’ll be part of a search group, but I can’t imagine her making the hire on her own, even in consultation with Steinmetz.

Why not? Honestly, if this was a back room, Good Ole Boy deal, as many of us already suspected, then they (BOT, Chancellor, President) now have a scapegoat if it goes bad. If it doesn’t, they can say what you are saying, she’s only the acting AD, it was our decision.

I don’t think the BOT, etc are looking for a scapegoat. I think they want a coach who will succeed. I’m not terribly confident about what I’ve seen, but I don’t doubt their intentions. I’m not crazy about the idea that a few boosters might make the call. I’m not crazy about any non-football people doing so. (That was the great advantage of having Frank.). If our new coach isn’t a done deal, I want some people with extraordinary knowledge of the game & coaching to make the call. We have some ex-Razorbacks who can either help decide or ought to be kept in the consultation loop. Maybe she’ll do that. I hope so. But the decision has to be made soon or we’ll lose this recruiting class.

No way an acting AD actually makes this call. Could they SAY she did? Sure. Gives them the scapegoat if they need it, but no way and acting AD gets to hire the football coach in the SEC.

She may be covering for and taking pressure off Gus, or whoever it is.

Some booster(s) is having to come up with several million dollars to accomplish all this. I’ll guarantee you that person(s) will have input and be a part of selecting the new coach, rather than an interim AD. She’s coordinating everything, which is an important role too, and I think we’re in good hands.