Sharks circling for Charlie Strong at Texas already, according to reports

At Texas keeping his job, per several reports. This is good for us, as more turmoil in Austin may open some doors to TX kids to fill our last spots this year, but more importantly for the next few years class. This UT coaching upheaval along with our TCU win may give us some momentum in TX recruiting. … itter_sicr

That’s the life of a big time coach…what did you do for me today.

You want there to be constant turmoil at Texas – and at Baylor, too. The program on the roll in Texas right now is Houston, very unlikely just recently.

Interesting question posed in that Pete Thamel piece: Which is the better job, Texas or LSU? Historically, there’s no question; it’s EOE-A. Right now? I don’t think there’s any question either. It’s LSU. Texass has become a dumpster fire. The only thing really in Texas’ favor is that if the right coach gets them turned around, the path to the CFP, and thus to a national championship, is much smoother in the Little Dozen than it is in the SEC West.

And this is the the guy they will go after.

That’s all they need is the right coach…I’m betting they get their man next try. Geez, they even got their own TV network. Just a matter of time before they are back on top…