Shark Costumes

Someone explain, please.

Yes, please. We ain’t Ole Piss.

No idea.

Maybe Womack is the hire for DC and we’re becoming the landsharks??

Saw a student holding up a sign “Sharkansas”

Cultural (mis)appropriation.

They’re calling themselves “Sharkansas.” Bunch of frat guys ordered the costumes off Amazon.

I thought it was fun and creative. They should do it every game. Anderson shouted them out post-game and said he liked the creativity.

Was Jerry Tarkanian there?

Mighty peculiar behavior, IMO.

I might agree if not for all the OM Land Shark stuff. I am glad they’re starting to come back to the games, though.

Years ago at Barnhill with Sutton, we had the mad hatters and overall gang. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hammer heads. Drop the hammer

Personally I would prefer our all arms and legs lineup (Gafford, Bailey, Hall, Jones) to be the Kraken unit. They way they pressure…Release the Kraken! Need Kraken outfits.

They did stand out on the TV broadcast…somebody pitch in and make 'em red/white.

Nobody got a picture of Sharkansas? I can’t find one anywhere.

But I did find something interesting on my Google search. Somebody did a Grade D horror movie about an Arkansas women’s prison entitled Sharkansas. One of the “actresses” was former underaged porn star Traci Lords.

Never mind. Found one:

Now those were fun games. Those guys could be really obnoxious. Shelby Metcalfe had to take his team out to middle of the court to get away from them during time outs. I was already out of college, but I tried to sit near them just to soak up the fun. Why did they ever stop doing that?

Initially, there were several football players in that group. They were responding to Sutton trying to get more spirit at the basketball games. This was before the Barnhill Arena renovation and they still had a sawdust covered indoor practice area behind the bleachers on one side in Barnhill for the football team’s use. Dust went everywhere when the sawdust area was used. They had to sweep the dust off the floor to practice basketball. I think the mad-hatters were one of the reasons an NCAA regulation was made so you could not pack the seats behind the visiting bench with your crazy fans trying to intimidate the visiting teams. (Now, there is also a security guard behind the visitor’s as well.) The big football players were pretty intimidating.

If it’s something that makes the arena louder, I’m for it. I know at least one of those youngsters. It was Luke Hannon, a Springdale grad who was once a 2,000-yard high school rusher. I think they paid about $40 each for the shark suits. Indeed, he said it was about being Sharkansas. Red sharks would be better, but that wasn’t an option.