Shane Buechelel to explore Transfer … e-transfer

I wonder if we knew this before we accepted Hicks. The article states that Shane might be going to SMU.

We may have known, but I’m not sure Shane would have been available for spring ball. Would be learning new offense here.

I believe this was a big factor; of course, I have no idea just how interested Buechele may have been in coming here, anyway.

But from our side, we took the QB who could be here in the spring, and who already knows the offense.

That second thing is not trivial, and not for the QB’s sake. Consider the positive value it has for everyone on the offensive side of the ball if they are learning behind a QB that already has command of the offense and all of it’s nuances.

So, while SB may be more talented and have more upside than BH, the overall impact on our team is probably very close, all things being considered. Buechele does have two years remaining, but in our situation that might cause more of a problem than it helps. We have 3 guys (and I’m sure we’ll sign another one next year) who all appear to have real potential to be “the man”. This (Hicks) gives us a year to sort that out while our 1 year solution is at QB, and then we should (hopefully) have a solution for the next 3-4 years. Don’t know that we’d keep them to compete if the starting job was locked up for 2 more years.

Will be interesting to see play out.

It was known that he was going to leave Texas. With all of the connections Chad Morris has in the Austin area, I’m sure there would be a way to communicate. I think Chad got the QB he wanted.

Pretty sure he wanted Bryant.

Yes, he did.

His name is KJ Jefferson.

Bryant wasn’t available…where have you been?

Uh, Bryant transferred to Mizzou, of course he was available, lol.

Hold on I think were both saying the same thing but different time frames. Kelly Bryant annouced his transfer on 12/5/18.

In that nearly 7 week time frame since:
Brandon Wimbush
Tyree Jackson
Ben Hicks

All have been discussed on this and every other Razorback related message board.
(That is what I mean by availability)

My original reply was to Clay’s post that Morris got the QB he wanted, which was false, he wanted Bryant, that’s all.