Shamar Nash is entering the transfer portal

He is the second Razorback this week to announce intentions to transfer, joining offensive lineman Chibueze Nwanna on Wednesday:

For some reason I thought he’d already left. Was he injured all year? Opt out? I don’t think I’m confusing him with TQ, maybe I am


Like the story reads, TQ transferred, and Shamar opted out before the first game.

Our great WR haul of 2019 is down to 2 now, and one of those has not been quite as productive as we had hoped. And then there is #16.Everything we had heard and then some. Hope he stays healthy for what will probably be his final season.

The WR transferring o guess is part of it. Burke’s and Knox are both good WR.
Knox just needs some fine tuning. Burke’s is a high light reel eating to happen. The incoming class looks good and we had one sit out this season.
Some of these players could have some insight that they can’t compete and gain playing time.

Take Burks out of that class of of pass catchers and it is comical how overated that group was. Its as if they found and signed every overated kid they could find that every one else backed off of to improve our recruit ranking. The hope is this staff evaluates kids for potential.

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I disagree. TQ had the the physical tools to be special. No doubt in my mind he would have played a lot this year had he not left

Why did TQ leave and why did Shamar leave? Anyone know?

TQ had some problems with depression/home sickness I think. Not sure on Nash

Nash should have stayed. Not everyone gets to play early. But with talent, on a talented team, the rewards will come.

TQ was a little overwhelmed at first and then at the end he was thinking of coming back but things didn’t pan-out.

A source indicated that Shamar had a ways to go and thought it was better to go elsewhere.

Sometimes a change of scenery is better for all parties involved. As long as my wife doesn’t tell me so :sweat_smile:, no problem with that.


Me and the wife will be married 50 years August 1st. Last year she told me she had decided to keep me. I suppose I had been on secret probation for 48 years…

Double secret probation?!

Congratulations to you and your wife, LD.

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Congrats. January 1st is our 39th Anniversary. She guarantees we’ll make that, but says I still have some work to do to make 40 (in jest—-I think).

As someone once advised some newlyweds, “Hang in there, the first 50 years are the toughest” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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