Shamar Easter is

on campus now. As long as he continues to have a good vibe with Morgan Turner I think he stays a Hog. In-person meeting always the best.

They obviously met one time in December but have stayed in touch.


Turner sounds like a great rebound for Sam after Loggins moved on. Of course I thought about Bowman too. Oooops.
Saving Easter would boost spirits in some fans.


Very good looking player. That would give us two Great young tight ends to work into the offense

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Hurst, I think it is as simple as … for Sam to retool the defensive staff he had to allow the new DC’s to remake things. If I have pieced it together correctly (maybe not?) Williams wanted Woodson and agreed to be co-DC so that the $$ and move made sense, but that also meant handing them control of the 3rd position. Sam likely said, “Deke stays” because of turnover at DL over the years.

Said differently, its more about getting the leadership on defense “right” and that meant purging Bowman to create opportunity for Woodson to come on board.


This makes a lot of sense. Do you have close ties to the Arkansas football program?

Got him!!


@adgebg if you are asking me…my “close ties” to the program are a lifetime of cheering, and paying close attention. When someone smarter than me talks football I try to absorb their knowledge and apply it. Much more difficult - look past the ringmaster of the circus, or the magician juggling rapid cats with one hand when you need to be focused on the other hand. Not so hard for me, but I think hard for most - understanding the “rules” of (in this case) college football that may not apply outside of the sport. For example, you only hire and fire coaches in a narrow window on the calendar. Most of us work in an industry where you hire/fire when you need to.


Surprising to me to be honest. Your keen interest and observation skills are appreciated. Football is an awesome and intricate sport. Sadly, it is also seriously dangerous.


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